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Sep 3, 2007
Karangasem, Bali
So as per all the bad news and worse reports it's gotten much much tougher... not!

Any particular reason why you didn't do it in one day (visa reason, not just cause you visited the "ladies").

Steve Rossell

Apr 18, 2015
Hi Markit, mainly because it was my first time doing the visa run and I always like to give myself a bit room to move if things go south.

I also had some friends to visit and apart from the airport transfers and lay-overs I hadn't really spent much time in Singapore, so I spent 4 days there.

I've gotta say, from the walking around the CBD area that I did, I was very impressed, as far as city's go. Now, having done that trip once, I wouldn't hesitate to do the fly in and fly out in one day if I wanted to but next time I'll probably do the same and check it out some more.

BTW the only "ladies" I really noticed, apart from all the gorgeous locals in the city, seemed to hang around outside the lobby waiting for cabs in the morning and most of those didn't seem to me to be ladies at all. :icon_eek: