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  1. T

    "Forever" Kitap agent/cost

    We are due for getting our second 5 year retirement Kitap. Our long time agent wants a huge fee increase, it was 40 million five years ago, he wants 65 million now. I have called several contacts and been told we cannot change sponsors unless we begin the kitas process from the start, not...
  2. N

    Rattan - looking for a manufacturer and a local agent

    Hey, I'm in the process of setting up a business which manufactures natural rattan furniture. We're based in the UK so will be shipping back from Bali. We're currently speaking to some companies and have had some good quotes back already, but we're wondering if anyone else had any...
  3. M

    Housing advice in Jimbaran

    Recently moved to Bali for work. I work in Jimbaran and would like to find housing in this area. I'm currently in corporate housing until the end of the month, but need to find something else. Ideally, I'd like to rent monthly for the first couple months (starting in August) while I get to...
  4. K

    Looking for Denpasar office space

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a dedicated office space (not just a desk, but an actual room) in the Denpasar region (preferably west) in an office building with an office IMB. As cheap as possible. The only one I found so far is in the ibis styles, however they don't have any available...
  5. N

    KITAP help?

    This might be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone here can offer me some advice. Pretty I've been on a family KITAS for a few years and in recent years been trying to move over to a KITAP. The problem we keep running into is we live in Kerobokan (at a rental), and my husband's KTP & KK...
  6. Billt4SF

    Overstay multiple times?

    Due to the fact that we go to Raja Ampa (Sorong) and other destinations for diving, it looks like we have to pan to overstay our visas, me for four days, my wife for ten days. She already overstayed once for two days. We'll be coming back from Singapore. Will they let us back in? Our...
  7. P

    extending extendable VOA

    I want to extend extendable VOA for me, wife & 2 kids. On the first visit to Immigration is it necessary to bring the whole family or do i just need photocopies of their passports etc I realise that on the second visit when they take photos/scan fingerprints all of us need to be there but on...
  8. M

    tax consultant

    Does anyone know of a tax consultant (preferably from personal experience) in Bali that they can recommend? And does a person in this capacity work on behalf of his/her client's interest? This is asked because in the practice of a notaris that person (technically at least) is an impartial...
  9. L

    A clean government, Immigration kicks off

    Immigration and The (Formalities) Agent, Living Apart Together - Indonesia Expat
  10. Billt4SF

    Travel domestically with only a COPY of passport?

    According to the rules that Yani stated, I am supposed to give her my passport a week or so before my Sosbud visa renewal is due, so they can process it, etc. That's fine except that I'll be in Raja Ampat diving until one day before the visa runs out. Does anyone KNOW if you can travel...
  11. lush4111

    Agent rules changed??

    Does anybody know if this is true or had any recent attempts to get their agent to renew their visa?? Breaking: Expats Can No Longer Rely Solely on Agents to Get Permits - Indonesia Expat
  12. S

    Importing fabric to Bali for manufacture plus swimwear manufacture

    Hi there This is my first post to the forum. I started a kids clothes range selling in Australia about a year ago with production in Bali. I was found a factory by an agent on my first visit to Bali. It's been a tough year - to say its been slow going getting a small amount of products...
  13. Billt4SF

    Agents cannot help you with a visa?

    Anyone know if this is legit? I was counting on the help of an agent, because I will shortly return from outlying islands to Bali with an almost-expired 211 (Sosial) visa which needs renewing in a hurry. I contacted the agent Yani but she hasn't responded to me yet! Thanks, Bill Breaking...
  14. C

    SosBud Visit Visa extensions

    Hello. Currently doing research about how to spend a year or two in Bali and have found that the SosBud visa would be an option. Don't understand why do people have to waste time every month to go to the office (or multiple times with a week between), but I guess that's how inefficient and...
  15. Y


    This should be good, and a little slow in parts. Google 'tom hanks scully' for more info
  16. spicyayam

    Gili bound boat sinks off Amed

    From what I can gather from the article, it seems like no fatalities but all luggage was lost. No life jackets on the boat either, or insurance.
  17. ronb

    Unlimite KITAP

    Just for your info, I have just achieved this milestone. It consists of a letter from Immigration with the heading Permanent Stay Permit Extension, and down in the letter it says "for an indefinite period". With it comes a KITAP card that says "Date to Report" is 5 years from now. Likewise...
  18. spicyayam

    Australian partner visa highest in the world

    Thought this article might be of interest to any Australians considering marrying a foreigner and planning to live in Australia: Is the government ripping off Australians with foreign partners? | SBS Life
  19. klaatu

    VITAS from Darwin

    I have just submitted my application for VITAS at Darwin Indo Consulate..All i had to do was show them the receipt (or copy) of telex from Jakarta,fill in the form and give them a copy of my ticket to get out of Indonesia...No bank statements ,sponsorship letter or any thing..Have been told to...
  20. DenpasarHouse

    Shark Attacks in Bali

    You don't often hear of shark attacks in Bali. Here's one I just came across: San Diego surfer shares story of shark attack in Bali | FOX5 San Diego - San Diego News, Weather, Traffic and Sports | KSWB Also, this involves a concept I'm not 100% comfortable with but haven't thought about it...