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  1. Billt4SF

    Overstay multiple times?

    Due to the fact that we go to Raja Ampa (Sorong) and other destinations for diving, it looks like we have to pan to overstay our visas, me for four days, my wife for ten days. She already overstayed once for two days. We'll be coming back from Singapore. Will they let us back in? Our...
  2. M

    Visa to Australia for Indonesian friend

    Hi there, I am in a debacle. We have a friend who is Indonesian who we have known for 10+ years. He is married and has three children. As he has always been very good to us when we have been in Bali and we consider him part of our family, we would love to have him come to Australia for a two...
  3. Billt4SF

    Travel domestically with only a COPY of passport?

    According to the rules that Yani stated, I am supposed to give her my passport a week or so before my Sosbud visa renewal is due, so they can process it, etc. That's fine except that I'll be in Raja Ampat diving until one day before the visa runs out. Does anyone KNOW if you can travel...
  4. lush4111

    Agent rules changed??

    Does anybody know if this is true or had any recent attempts to get their agent to renew their visa?? Breaking: Expats Can No Longer Rely Solely on Agents to Get Permits - Indonesia Expat
  5. spicyayam

    NZ man missing in Bali

    I wonder how someone can just go missing in Bali. Kiwi man missing in Bali after Tinder date a fortnight ago
  6. C

    SosBud Visit Visa extensions

    Hello. Currently doing research about how to spend a year or two in Bali and have found that the SosBud visa would be an option. Don't understand why do people have to waste time every month to go to the office (or multiple times with a week between), but I guess that's how inefficient and...
  7. K

    Spouse sponsored kitas and return ticket

    This is the first time I'll be returning to Indonesia with a spouse sponsored kitas. My kitas is valid for 1 year, do I need to show a ticket out of the country before that date or is there no need for that with a kitas?
  8. balinews

    American woman drugged in Bali bar

    An American woman living in Bali has warned women to watch their drinks after being slipped what she believes was a monster Rohypnol dose in a bar at the island paradise. Mara Wolford said she went to the bar for a drink on July 4 with two friends and ordered mojitos. "I leave the drink...
  9. davita

    Brexit's over and UK has voted to leave EU. Overnight the UKP has dropped from US$1.49 to 1.34. the lowest since 1985. The rate for IDR is hovering around 18,000...lucky I sold most of my sterling a couple of weeks ago at 20,000. Expats on UK pensions in sterling, like myself, will have...
  10. ronb

    Unlimite KITAP

    Just for your info, I have just achieved this milestone. It consists of a letter from Immigration with the heading Permanent Stay Permit Extension, and down in the letter it says "for an indefinite period". With it comes a KITAP card that says "Date to Report" is 5 years from now. Likewise...
  11. spicyayam

    Fastest turnaround for Australian passport renewal

    My mum was supposed to be arriving in Bali today and has just realized her passport will expire in less than 6 months :icon_eek: She boarded a flight in Melbourne and the airline picked it up in Sydney. I think the airline is going to put them up in a hotel in Sydney. Anyone know how it will...
  12. spicyayam

    One month temporary working visas

    Someone was asking me about a "temporary working visa". Has anyone heard of this before? I have heard of DJs getting some kind of visa, but never really knew the details. This is the email they received from their agent: The person wants to teach yoga in Bali.
  13. I

    End of contract / EPO

    My current contract finishes this month & will not be extended by my current employer....but i have secured a new position. I understand i have to apply for EPO (exit permit only) & leave Indonesia....would MY current multiple entry visa allow me to return to Indonesia? This starts to become a...
  14. K

    VITAS singapore (how long does it take)?

    Hi guys, I need to book a trip to singapore for my VITAS and I'm not sure how long I need. The company that I use for my KITAS tells me I should get an agent in Singapore so it only takes 1 day. If I do it myself it would take about 4 days. Is this true or can I just go to the embassy...
  15. geedee

    My visit to Candidasa with Markit

    I thought I would share my experience and hope the subject doesn't mind. I arrived on the 7th staying at Candidasa.My son didn't arrive till the following evening due to me stuffing up his passport only 5 months left but he got one within a day by waiting at passport office in Sydney. We...
  16. balinews

    Eightfour more countries to get free visa

    The government is set to waive visa requirements for another 84 countries starting this week in an effort to boost arrivals of foreign tourists to the country. "We decided to apply the visa-free policy to 84 more countries starting this week," Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Rizal...
  17. I

    Totally confused

    After working in hospitality in Indonesia for over 10 years, my KITAS was always taken care of but my employment will end & current KITAS expire in April 2016. IN the meantime of looking for another employer, what visa should i be looking to obtain ( Legally married to Balinese with child )...
  18. N

    Another Visa question

    Due to bad planning on my behalf I had to use Voa this time,i always come with a social visa but screwed up this time, I'm not familiar how the extension works,i arrived on Dec 5th And the visa is valid for 30 days,which means it runs out around Jan 4th, Do any of you know how long it...
  19. davita

    BPJS and Kitas/Kitap

    I've heard conflicting stories that the Indonesian equivelant of social medical benefits BPJS is available for foreign Kitas/Kitap holders...yet others say it isn't. Does any foreigner living in RI on Kitas/Kitap have BPJS cover and how to get it?
  20. S

    How I can get a police certificate?

    Hi folks, My wife and I lived in Bali for two years until June 2015, when we moved back to Canada. My wife would like to resume her consulting work with the Canadian government, but in order to do so she needs security clearance. And in order to get security clearance, she needs a...