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Wijaya & Co is a full service Indonesian law firm principally engaged in the provision of wide-range legal service to international clients in Indonesia, for businesses, for families and individuals, and for Indonesian-Expatriate Couples.

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I just moved from Italy to Bali (Jimbaran) a month ago with my husband and my son (20 mths old). I am looking for a part time nanny to work mainly on the weekends (full days) and occasionally in the evening on weekdays. Can anyone recommend someone to me? Preferably (female) , speaks (English), young, energetic, kind, honest and fun.

Kind Regards
Hi, just a few questions.
I cant find anything about the percentage of population that have been double vaxxed in Bali, can anyone please help me out?
Just wondering what the masks rules are please? Do I have to wear it whilst on the beach or walking down the street?
What's the main street in Sanur like, Ie, are there many local shops open?
Many thanks.
Good afternoon JackStraw. Had just started to write and inadvertently it seems the intro was posted. Sorry about that. We still have a year and a half to go on our present house lease so no urgency and the overall climate may change. However, if you wouldn't mind I would be interested to have some idea as to what kind of rental you are paying, the nature of the house and it's location.