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Hi there,
I'm looking for young spirits who like to party but are also creative and want something fresh, where the music is amazing, the staff is attentive, and so on! I recently read an article about what happened to the person who spent his savings on a bottle of wine in Bali for 1700$. That completely blew my head.
That will NEVER EVER happen at my place of work! CheerZZZ!!
Under Indonesia law the post must follow the road meaning on the edge of it .
If they come on to your land and put posts and cables across your land 1, they are trespassing 2. It's ilegal this infursructure comes under Telcom you lodge a letter to them to remove their post as they are ilegal etc if they ignore it just cut there cables.
Hi..........I have a family member who is intending to marry an Indonesian Citizen around the end of next year and wishes to convert to Hindu as part of that process. I have looked extensively online but can't find anything really specific about the process. Can any member of this group maybe help out with a link to a website or any recommendation as to how I might find out what it involved in the process ?
Padangbai Dennis
Padangbai Dennis
As far as I know. You cannot convert to Hinduism. You have to born Hindu. You can become Muslim though. Good luck marrying a Bali person. You get a whole family to take care for free. Bring a fat wallet, you'll need it.