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Hi..........I have a family member who is intending to marry an Indonesian Citizen around the end of next year and wishes to convert to Hindu as part of that process. I have looked extensively online but can't find anything really specific about the process. Can any member of this group maybe help out with a link to a website or any recommendation as to how I might find out what it involved in the process ?
I used to sell them gemstones for silver settings- get in touch if you want to create your own line . I have the stones and a small workshop
I just moved from Italy to Bali (Jimbaran) a month ago with my husband and my son (20 mths old). I am looking for a part time nanny to work mainly on the weekends (full days) and occasionally in the evening on weekdays. Can anyone recommend someone to me? Preferably (female) , speaks (English), young, energetic, kind, honest and fun.

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