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  1. Billt4SF

    Do morons make you nervous?

    Anyone else nervous? Recent political events in the US, and the speed at which they were promulgated, and especially the questionable sanity -- dare I say outright crazed approach -- of those at VERY high levels of government, make me a bit nervous that a long term living situation for...
  2. N

    KITAP help?

    This might be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone here can offer me some advice. Pretty I've been on a family KITAS for a few years and in recent years been trying to move over to a KITAP. The problem we keep running into is we live in Kerobokan (at a rental), and my husband's KTP & KK...
  3. Billt4SF

    Overstay multiple times?

    Due to the fact that we go to Raja Ampa (Sorong) and other destinations for diving, it looks like we have to pan to overstay our visas, me for four days, my wife for ten days. She already overstayed once for two days. We'll be coming back from Singapore. Will they let us back in? Our...
  4. Billt4SF

    Agents cannot help you with a visa?

    Anyone know if this is legit? I was counting on the help of an agent, because I will shortly return from outlying islands to Bali with an almost-expired 211 (Sosial) visa which needs renewing in a hurry. I contacted the agent Yani but she hasn't responded to me yet! Thanks, Bill Breaking...
  5. C

    SosBud Visit Visa extensions

    Hello. Currently doing research about how to spend a year or two in Bali and have found that the SosBud visa would be an option. Don't understand why do people have to waste time every month to go to the office (or multiple times with a week between), but I guess that's how inefficient and...
  6. Billt4SF

    Got a Visa! Need another visa!!

    Hello Bali expats: We will be in North America during September, returning 23 Sept. Upon return, Generally we intend to stay in Bali up to next August but likely we'll go somewhere out of Indo during that time. I (Bill) will stay in Indonesia for at least 3 months, but much of this time...
  7. balinews

    Emergency law to allow foreigners to purchase apartments in Indonesia

    Property sector needs reform to attract investments, says minister. Indonesia plans to issue an emergency law - known as a perppu - to break an impasse of more than a decade in efforts to streamline unfriendly laws as the country aims to allow foreigners to purchase apartments in Indonesia...
  8. spicyayam

    Australian partner visa highest in the world

    Thought this article might be of interest to any Australians considering marrying a foreigner and planning to live in Australia: Is the government ripping off Australians with foreign partners? | SBS Life
  9. M

    Nursing in Bali

    Hello! First let me introduce myself. My name is Marlene and I am a 23 year old registered nurse from Austria. Now I was wondering what paid job oppurtunitys I'd have in Bali? Where would I look and who should I talk to? Does anybody know any foreign nurses in bali? Does...
  10. spicyayam

    Fastest turnaround for Australian passport renewal

    My mum was supposed to be arriving in Bali today and has just realized her passport will expire in less than 6 months :icon_eek: She boarded a flight in Melbourne and the airline picked it up in Sydney. I think the airline is going to put them up in a hotel in Sydney. Anyone know how it will...
  11. C

    Social Visa Bangkok

    Just for anyones info, as of now, the Indo Embassy in Bangkok will not accept an application for a Social Visa without a valid return air ticket.
  12. M

    Bpjs kesehatan

    i know that there has been discussion on this subject before, but I can't find it. Directions, please. I am on a retirement visa, sponsored by my Indonesian wife. She has checked with BPJS Kesehatan about how can I be registered. She has been told that expats who are sponsored by a company...
  13. spicyayam

    One month temporary working visas

    Someone was asking me about a "temporary working visa". Has anyone heard of this before? I have heard of DJs getting some kind of visa, but never really knew the details. This is the email they received from their agent: The person wants to teach yoga in Bali.
  14. geedee

    Cheapest airfares for 30 years

    Should be good for Bali also considering the free VOA now for Australians and about half the world. Time for you Markit to leave the jungle for a holiday to civilisation Airfares sink to 30 year low say Flight Centre and to fall more
  15. R

    Visa for retreat organiser....

    Hello I am in the early stages of planning retreat in Bali.Not a New age or Yoga thing . Its about the culture and religion and tradition . Bali is a Mecca for retreats,what do people do for a Visa?? I know a lot of people do it illegally, i don't feel real comfortable with that.. I have...
  16. geedee

    visa agent to Australia

    I am seeking any help or advise Has anyone had dealings with Vinsen Jehaut BALI CONNECTION SERVICE, Specialize in all aspects of visa requirement in Bali and overseas, handle it personally, please contact us anytime This is the story my Indonesian wife's sister who has lived in Bali for the...
  17. K

    Tourist visa instead of free entry

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it is possible to get a tourist visa when landing in Bali if you are a citizen from a country that is eligible for the free entry. And does this tourist visa still require a visit to denpasar to be extended or will it automatically be valid for 2 months...
  18. P

    Universal Society of Hinduism criticises Lorna Jane over ‘wellness lounge’ at Sydney

    Universal Society of Hinduism criticises Lorna Jane over ‘wellness lounge’ at Sydney Airport "While the number of Australians identifying as religious has decreased rapidly in recent years, Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of...
  19. G

    Taking my Harley to Bali

    Me and the missus are moving to Bali soon(2 months)and I want to take my Harley so I can tour around a bit and have a good look around.We intend to go for 3-5 years to start with.We will be on retirement visas,and are both 62.We have very good local friends,as we have been going to Bali for 23...
  20. H

    Visiting Australia

    Just in case you guys, and gals, don't follow Australian Government News, here's what Immigration Minister Peter Dutton recently said: "I have an announcement to make in relation to the visa issuance, which I think is a significant announcement today, and it sends a very clear message to...