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  1. T

    "Forever" Kitap agent/cost

    We are due for getting our second 5 year retirement Kitap. Our long time agent wants a huge fee increase, it was 40 million five years ago, he wants 65 million now. I have called several contacts and been told we cannot change sponsors unless we begin the kitas process from the start, not...
  2. C

    SosBud Visit Visa extensions

    Hello. Currently doing research about how to spend a year or two in Bali and have found that the SosBud visa would be an option. Don't understand why do people have to waste time every month to go to the office (or multiple times with a week between), but I guess that's how inefficient and...
  3. Billt4SF

    Got a Visa! Need another visa!!

    Hello Bali expats: We will be in North America during September, returning 23 Sept. Upon return, Generally we intend to stay in Bali up to next August but likely we'll go somewhere out of Indo during that time. I (Bill) will stay in Indonesia for at least 3 months, but much of this time...
  4. admin

    Luxurious Bed and Breakfast in Jimbaran

    Welcome to our newest sponsor - Puri Sabina Bed and Breakfast in Jimbaran. They offer daily and monthly rates, with prices starting at just 6,800,000 rupiah per month. You can contact them on: +62 812 3955 6859 Email: purisabinabali@gmail.com Website: Puri sabina bed and breakfast Jimbaran...
  5. C

    Social Visa Bangkok

    Just for anyones info, as of now, the Indo Embassy in Bangkok will not accept an application for a Social Visa without a valid return air ticket.
  6. M

    Bpjs kesehatan

    i know that there has been discussion on this subject before, but I can't find it. Directions, please. I am on a retirement visa, sponsored by my Indonesian wife. She has checked with BPJS Kesehatan about how can I be registered. She has been told that expats who are sponsored by a company...
  7. I

    End of contract / EPO

    My current contract finishes this month & will not be extended by my current employer....but i have secured a new position. I understand i have to apply for EPO (exit permit only) & leave Indonesia....would MY current multiple entry visa allow me to return to Indonesia? This starts to become a...
  8. N

    For those on a spouse sponsored KITAP or KITAS

    I have a question for those on a spouse sponsored KITAP/KITAS - what happens if your spouse dies before you? I know this is a morbid question, but what happens in such a situation? Does the visa become invalid? Can another family member sponsor you for KITAP? Can your child who has Indonesian...
  9. K

    Tourist visa instead of free entry

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it is possible to get a tourist visa when landing in Bali if you are a citizen from a country that is eligible for the free entry. And does this tourist visa still require a visit to denpasar to be extended or will it automatically be valid for 2 months...
  10. geedee

    Maiden name on passport

    Just realised that Ive booked my wife in her married name on the tickets and her passport is in her maiden name. I am going from Sydney to Bali on Air Asia (it was a great price for January) Her passport is Indonesian. I have tried to get Air Asia on the live chat but it constantly says too...
  11. klaatu

    getting a sosial budaya visa at Darwin

    a 3 month BANK STATEMENT is required for SOSBUD visa application now (at Darwin anyway)..also they provide you with a printed sponsorship form that you just fill in a few details and your sponsor signs, if she is with you obviously. 2 photos fill out the application form and come back in a...
  12. SHoggard

    Getting Business Visa in Singapore

    Time has come when Airport Immigration are looking a little too closely at my multiple VOA stickers & I should probably apply for a Multiple Entry 6 month visa. Any advice on what's the process for applying in Singapore - agents etc. Can they find a 'sponsor' company... I can find a...
  13. S

    60 day tourist vs SOBUD

    Hi everyone, I have lived and worked in Bali before and was on a KITAS so im not so knowledgeable about the other types of Visas and how to make use/extend them. Its been a couple of years and I plan to head down to Bali, first few months (september to december) to get a feel for the...
  14. C

    Going to Bali for 3-6 months...what do I need to do/know?

    Hello there, I'm just starting to plan a trip to Bali for the spring of 2016 for 3-6 months. Any information would be appreciated as it's been awhile since I have packed up and left the comfort of home to travel for that length of time. I'm even open to the possibility of staying abroad for a...
  15. spicyayam

    New rules for social visas in KL

    Just saw this on Facebook and thought I would share: Credit to Rolly Visa for the info: Visa For Bali | Rolly
  16. kiteman

    Visa Application changes from Oz to Indonesia

    I guess this may be common knowledge...... but it wasn't to me. Last year I had Oz friends with the 2 month Tourist Visa who had no problem extending for a 3rd month. I was at that time on a SosBud visa and met another Aussie at my hotel who was about to live permanently in Bali who also...
  17. R

    Long Term Villa Rent & Utilities on SOSBUD Visa?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, so apologies if this question has been posted before. I am in the process of getting my SOSBUD visa with the view to staying for 12months (renewing once in Singapore). With this visa, is it possible to rent a property and have my name on the utility bills...
  18. J

    Social Visa, letter from sponser

    Hi again, We are applying for a social visa but my question is...What if we don't have a sponsor? Is there such thing as an agent that will write out the sponsor letter for you (for $)? Thankyou
  19. spicyayam

    Could this be the end to foreigners working in Indonesia?

    After reading through this article I get the feeling there are going to be a lot less foreigners working in Indonesia with these new requirements. The Indonesian language requirements don't seem to be implemented yet, which will only complicate things further. The additional requirements also...
  20. spicyayam

    What makes people still want to live in Bali

    It sometimes makes me wonder despite Bali getting nothing but negative press, it seems to have no affect on the people who want to move to Bali to live. There seems to be daily reports of crime, pollution, rising costs etc etc, but look on any forum you see post after post asking about what visa...