Feb 14, 2010
The increase of sea levels following climate change poses threats to Bali, Indonesia, whose total area only reaches 5,634.40 hectares.

The first island adjacent to the main land to drown would be Nusa Penida, Klungkung. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) held in 2007 in Bali paid special attention to Nusa Penida's future existence.

“Nusa Penida is the most susceptible island in the area to be exposed to climate change. The UNFCCC recommended the island to become the pilot project. A great deal of assistance is provided in the island,” said Head of the Public Works Department of Bali, Dewa Punia Asa on Sunday.

Director of Wisnu Foundation, I Made Suarnatha, on the other hand made a horrifying prediction. Nusa Penida is not the only island facing the threat, but the entire Bali. If no anticipation is forwarded, the disaster will hit the island by 2050. “By that time, the sea level will rise to 4 meters...Bali will entirely be sinking,” he told VIVAnews.

Based on the recommendation from the climate change meeting, the Bali administration is committed to publish the outcomes of the action plan in relation to the pilot project funding in Nusa Penida. However, I Made Suarnatha is not informed of any programs the Bali administration has launched. “There are no published reports. We have no idea of neither the past nor ongoing efforts carried out in Nusa Penida,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the people of Bali have decided to struggle on their own. The World Silent Day campaign which environmentalists set up has been the annual agenda within the past few years. Other than that, the act of adopting local wisdoms to attain international recognition remains on the go by collecting more signatures as it is required by the United Nations. “The meeting has also resulted in the approval of Bali Map which is aimed at combating against climate change," he said.

“Since Bali has already done something, the [central] government and other developed countries must not stand silence. The simple way to say is, ‘if you love Bali, you have to do something in return’,” he urged.

VIVAnews - Indonesia Bali May Sink under Water in 2050


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Sep 3, 2007
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What a load of old bollocks! Sorry but this whole climate change thing is really starting to get on my tits.

Cynical old me but there are way too many interest groups that see a big earner with this and have driven it and driven it to reach that wonderful peak of terror that, dare I say it, Osama just made way for.

These people have a serious problem with their figures too - 4 meters!!! No fecking way, Jose - that means that the whole Indian, Pacific and probably the Atlantic would have to rise that high too. I'd laugh if it just wasn't so sad that they're still trying to make believe (read: pay for) this.

Course this is only my opinion and since my house is set back 200 meters and just about 4 meters up from sea level I guess I'm looking at having beach front property in 40 years.:icon_lol:


Mar 10, 2011
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Markit has a wife who threatens to leave him and has tits? Did I miss something?:icon_biggrin:

Water levels raising ...... Well it probably is the works of a company that has come up with some new tech gadget that they need to have a use for or no one will buy it....

Like gas masks selling like crazy in Germany when ...... oh I forgot but something going on in the Middle East in the 90's or was it 80's!

Or Geiger counters selling now that Japan has the problem in Fukushima.

And even if the level goes up by 4 meters ..... I will still not have beach front property!


Dec 17, 2010
Course this is only my opinion and since my house is set back 200 meters and just about 4 meters up from sea level I guess I'm looking at having beach front property in 40 years.:icon_lol:

Could I interest you in a boat Markit. :icon_lol: