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  1. hafez

    land for Sale in Canggu Area 1400sqm (BUC)

    halo guys I want to offering you a cheap land for sale in canggu, north kuta - badung bali the detail information are LAND FOR SALE QUICK CANGGU AREA Total land area 1400m2 or 14are Letter: CERTIFICATE OF PROPRIETARY RIGHTS (SHM) IMB land tax Strategic location at brawa beach road. Tibubeneng...
  2. hafez

    land fore sale in canggu Area (BUC)

    halo guys, I want to offering you. our list property in canggu area, Nort Kuta - Badung. Bali LAND FOR SALE QUICK CANGGU AREA Total land area 1400m2 / 14are Letter: CERTIFICATE OF PROPRIETARY RIGHTS (SHM) IMB Number land tax its oke Electricity 3.000kwh Strategic location at brawa beach road...
  3. spicyayam

    More property scams

    I just heard about a foreigner who got scammed on property deal in north Bali to the tune of 150k euros. It seems like a notaris was complicit in the scam.I believe there are a few foreigners working like this in the north of Bali. Probably all over Bali, but I have heard these stories for...
  4. T

    Down-Value lease contract

    Hello, I am about to invest in Bali and I saw a lot of warning not to down-value the lease contract although it is common practice. I did some research but I not exactly understanding the legal disadvantages, especially in case there might be a conflict with the landowner afterward. My...
  5. hadodi

    Not happy with police help

    I reported few months ago a fraud and embezzlement. Just few days ago I received a litter from the officer who handled the case that there was no criminal case... He adviced that I could complain. With whom? Him! Does somebody similar experience? What tomdo?
  6. P

    Yearly tax on land, lease and building

    Should one pay apart from tax when you buy land or lease it and pay tax on building permits also pay a yearly tax on those three. I get from some informative sources on the net the impression one should pay a yearly tax being assets, but when I ask around people deny it or say I should not...
  7. M

    Accountant Lovina or Denpasar

    Hi all, Would anyone be recommend and provide the name and details of a accountant in either the Lovina/Singaraja or Denpasar area. Would prefer the Lovina/Singaraja area but understand that most accountants are based around Denpasar. I'm overseas at the moment and was hoping to get an...
  8. davita

    news about post-nups

    Just read on another forum that the Constitutional Court today have overturned a part of the law and will permit post-nup agreements, therefore allowing mixed marriage WNI spouses to own hak milik property. This is hearsay so if anyone can find the readings from the court I'm sure it will be...
  9. balinews

    Tax Amnesty Exceeds Expectations

    Taxpayers in Indonesia waited until the last minute - as taxpayers everywhere often do. But enough of them responded to a new tax amnesty over the last few days to help make it a relative success as the first phase of the scheme came to a close yesterday. As of 8pm in Jakarta, Indonesians...
  10. M

    Tax Amnesty For Trustees?

    By searching the archives I failed to come up with this specific topic. It seems that Indonesian citizens have been offered a tax amnesty on property acquired between 1985 and 2015 that they have not previously declared as taxable, and if they pay up by the end of September 2016 will only have...
  11. spicyayam

    Fictitious mortgage

    I wonder if they are talking about the usual fake mortgages people use for nominee agreements here:
  12. balinews

    Emergency law to allow foreigners to purchase apartments in Indonesia

    Property sector needs reform to attract investments, says minister. Indonesia plans to issue an emergency law - known as a perppu - to break an impasse of more than a decade in efforts to streamline unfriendly laws as the country aims to allow foreigners to purchase apartments in Indonesia...
  13. O

    Small Real estate (Home) purchase YES/No Thoughts guide lines !!??

    What do you guys thing about small cluster (and not so small) homes ... you those on 1 are .. and its variations ... !? Usually I find it its offerings on down payment of 10% and can be credited like on 15 years or so ... So when you purchase something small for like up to 600 million monthly...
  14. Markit

    Limited Time IMB (building permit)

    Had a very interesting chat with an estate agent today who had lots of interesting things to say, most of which I won't bore you with but of massive note was her comment that the government are now issuing limited time IMBs. In most cases that she's seen they were for only 5 years and as to the...
  15. L

    change certificate name

    Hi all, I need to ask a question: the house I live in with my partner, in her name, now need to by transferred in my name. What is the procedure and how much will be the cost/s of all this. I know we need to go to the notary to do this and I know they also tax charges based on the sale's price...
  16. M

    Bpjs kesehatan

    i know that there has been discussion on this subject before, but I can't find it. Directions, please. I am on a retirement visa, sponsored by my Indonesian wife. She has checked with BPJS Kesehatan about how can I be registered. She has been told that expats who are sponsored by a company...
  17. Markit

    Legal Nominee Agreements Anyone?

    Over the years I've had to listen time and again to some supercilious asshole know-it-alls (other than me) telling us all how generally stupid, illegal and unenforceable the favored "nominee" land purchase agreement is. I would love to hear their explanation of this case...
  18. geedee

    Tap Water

    Is the water that comes from the taps treated? Where are the dams that supply the water? Where if any are the treatment plants? If so is that for all areas of Bali? Does it also have fluoride? Do you guys drink the tap water ? Given the amount of tourists and lack of rain this year is there ever...
  19. M

    Rating the Regencies of Bali

    Those of us among the expat community find a particular place that we decide for whatever reason appeals to us more than others. Why is that? Certainly we all have our preferences and we all have different priorities. Let us suggest a poll and select based upon our individual preferences. If...
  20. spicyayam

    A good example of why not to buy a condotel or any other kind of shared lease

    Nothing but problems with the managers of the property and almost nothing you can do about it.