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  1. balinews

    Earthquake hits Aceh province

    Nearly 100 people were killed and hundreds injured in Indonesia on Wednesday when a strong earthquake hit its Aceh province and rescuers used earth movers and bare hands to search for survivors in scores of toppled buildings. Medical volunteers rushed in fading evening light to get people to...
  2. Y


    This is the only forum that I could see that fits my question. I want to buy a SAMSUNG TAB S2 9.7" and I have tried Cellular World (Tuban) and I was told Toko Mar (??) didn't have them either. Does anyone know where else I can try, by phone first. I don't know this end of the island much at...
  3. Markit

    Wow! What a GREAT IDEA! Grand Master Patriq is God

    Has anyone else been blessed with this information? Sanderson Master Planner Margarana DreamCity Bali - blooloop How could this have happened without angels singing to all who can hear? Margarana Dream City | The Innergy City Am probably going to abandon my villa and move there so anyone...
  4. Markit

    In Praise of Dangdut Music

    And poor girls from rice farming villages. Duo Serigala - Abang Goda - Video Dailymotion
  5. balinews

    Planets align on Nyepi - Bali's day of silence

    Nyepi – the Balinese Hindu New Year, and a public holiday for all Indonesians – coincides with the new moon of the spring equinox. In 2016 this will be a very special new moon, because it will produce one of the most spectacular things in nature: a total solar eclipse. On Nyepi Day...
  6. P

    Universal Society of Hinduism criticises Lorna Jane over ‘wellness lounge’ at Sydney

    Universal Society of Hinduism criticises Lorna Jane over ‘wellness lounge’ at Sydney Airport "While the number of Australians identifying as religious has decreased rapidly in recent years, Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of...
  7. geedee

    volcanic ash

    Just read on TripAdvisor that Jetstar and Virgin flights Bali to Australia have been cancelled just now due to volcanic ash Can anyone verify this? I cant see any other news about it
  8. balinews

    Indian mob boss arrested in Bali

    AN Indian man detained in Bali after a flight from Sydney has been named by the Australian Federal Police as Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje. NIKALJE, 55, is wanted in India on charges of murder, attempted murder, illegal weapons offences, conspiracy, and organised crime. Police at Ngurah Rai...
  9. E

    looking for home for Persian cat

    Hi, we have a approximately 18'month old male Persian cat named Lucky. He was nutered 3 weeks ago and is healthy. He has had vaccinations: Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Chlamidia (standard vaccination) he is due to have this again now, he has also had Rabies vaccine. His last...
  10. Steve Rossell

    Best swell of the year in Bali.

    Just for those interested the best swell to hit Bali this year and maybe the last couple started pounding the Bukit this morning. I am still a few days away from leaving Oz and have been checking the live web cam, provided by Bali Belly, at Bingin periodically throughout today. It is a glorious...
  11. balinews

    Australia to recall ambassador to Indonesia

    Australia will withdraw its ambassador to Indonesia in protest at the “cruel and unnecessary” execution of two citizens on Wednesday. The prime minister, Tony Abbott, announced the decision hours after Indonesia proceeded with the firing-squad execution of the Australians Myuran Sukumaran and...
  12. Markit

    Food ****

    It strikes me this forum, Indonesia and life in general is getting way too serious what with executions and such like so I thought I'd just post what lunch looked like yesterday and maybe a breakfast shot or two also just to prove it aint all sucking up Bintang/Arak/Tuak. Feel free to add...
  13. S

    Hi from Bengkulu, Sumatra

    Hi, new here and thought this would be the place to introduce myself. My wife and I are currently living in Bengkulu, Sumatra. Early retirement, for the time being anyways. We have no set plans, just going with flow and enjoying each day as it comes. We have rented out our property in...
  14. M

    Pandawa Beach

    This article was in today's Bali Post. Seems we will get another "New Kuta Beach"! Horrible! "Pandawa Beach developed as new destination by Desy Nurhayati on 2014-05-20 Pandawa Beach is currently being developed as a new destination, adding to the line of beautiful beaches along Bali’s...
  15. P

    Visa Agent in Malaysia

    Does anyone know of a visa agent in Kuala Lumpur? I need to get an Indian visa for Australian passport. I also need to get a Schengen visa for Indonesian passport. Cheers
  16. balinews

    Vote buying widespread in Indonesia

    Indonesians on the remote island of Sumba happily accept chickens and pork from legislative candidates hunting for votes. But, just six months ago, vote-rigging allegations triggered bloody riots on the island. Fifteen people were killed, most hacked to death with machetes, and 75 homes burnt...
  17. L

    Bali Airport

    Hi, do you know how much will cost to park the cat at the airport for 3 days? I can’t find any prices on internet.:icon_rolleyes: Thanks
  18. BKT

    Snake falls through roof & regurgitated cat

    Attached below is a photo for all those who have trouble sleeping at night, apparently its a Python regurgitating a cat after it fell through the ceiling. Another snake: This thing fell through my uncle's bathroom ceiling, regurgitated his cat, then escaped back up through the roof. He lives...
  19. Joe Writeson

    Radio Gagger - Joe Writeson ...sod all to do with Bali

    FM radio in one area of South East Asia arrived quietly, expanded too quickly, ran wildly out of control, then fragmented with several stations all owned by the same government sponsored corporation before eventually settling down and finding their own niche. Somewhere along the way stations...
  20. davita

    Australia V Indonesia

    The latest news about the 'boat people' has me perplexed. I confess I know little about the subject but read 'letters to the editor' Jakpost. Most letters, I suspect written by Australians, imply that Indonesia is complicit in allowing refugees into Indonesia then, using small boats crewed by...