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  • hi of course i can deliver to north bali, but of course not because of 1 sausage:) will deliver from 1.5 juta, I think that is fair products mostly can be frozen. Looking forward to your order
    Hi Gill,
    You won't believe it but I found the 'Bruno' Villa on TouTube:
    Best sea views in Lovina

    Hello nice to meet you I am new on this blog I am planning my relocation to Bali in January 2012 ( i am Australian Citizen ( passport) but European origin from Holland)
    I read many of your posts ,you are very smart man ,my regards
    hey fella didn't think you were still around, good to hear from you. As you may or may not have gathered I've been back since the middle of october getting the house all furnished and liveable. Sorry didn't get in touch earlier but I've been very, very busy and I'm getting kinda tired of it, to be honest. It seems to have been going on now for about 2 years and I'm ready for a break. How the hell are you? I just read in some news site that the dutch gov are trying to cut back on the coffehouse scene in Holland. Hope this doesn't affect you too much?

    I'm headed back on the 14th December so if you are anywhere around the neighbourhood before then please let me know I would love to catch up with you and your news.

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