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  1. B

    Room for rent - available now

    Room to rent in our beautiful 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa situated inside a very secure compound in Legian/kuta. Email for further photos Located on a beautiful private property surrounded by tropical gardens, large pool, Waterfall, outdoor shower and an...
  2. T

    CBN Internet- experiences/ recommendations?

    Hi All Does anyone currently (or previously) use CBN for their internet? Currently we have IndiHome on a 20MB connection, but will be moving to new villa next month and thinking of changing. IndiHome is okay, but we don't make use of the home phone or TV much so looking for alternative...
  3. V

    Looking for a room for 2 in Canggu

    HI! Looking for a room, a guesthouse or housemates to share a house with. Hot water, a fridge in the room and A/C are essential. Can be without a kitchen. There are two of us. Coming 6.12.16, leaving 26.04.17. Canggu. 3 000 000. Able to change places 2 or 3 times during the time. Are there any...
  4. Markit

    US Cop Fired for His FB Views

    As many of us here are much of an age and share some common likes and dislikes I'd be interested in your views on this subject. NC Officer Fired Over Controversial Facebook Post This appears to be one cops views on some part of the US population. Please note that nowhere does he say which...
  5. N

    Looking for co-investors here in Bali

    Hello I am looking for co-investors for my unique and very promising project related to IT field here in Bali. if you are interested you can send me a private message which is a better option to public one or send to my e-mail: nerbares at gmail
  6. Markit

    Bulk buying

    Just paid 2juta for 50 kilos of chlorine for the pool and was wondering if anyone knows where I can bulk buy it better? I'm not really after cheaper, that would of course be nice but I get these really sturdy and well made plastic buckets (see picture) every time that I'd like to stop getting...
  7. geedee

    Candi Dasa

    1. What is the best restaurant in Candi Dasa. 2. where can i get all my tattoos of various ex wife's removed in Bali
  8. spicyayam

    Video: Bali airport taxi drivers not happy with Uber drivers
  9. balinews

    One expat's cost of living in Bali

    People have been asking me what it costs to live in Bali, so I put together this post to breakdown the numbers for inquiring minds that want to know. Keep in mind, I didn't go there to travel, I went there for three main reasons: 1. To live like a local. A local expat I guess? 2. To...
  10. Markit

    Pictorial Splendor

    For those tired of the usual hum-drum fantastic pictures of magnificent mountains or wonderful canyons here's something to show your children (when they're a bit bigger). nutscapes
  11. K

    Scooter on Ferry ?

    Hi guys. I would like to ask you if is possible use a Ferry for scooters or motorbikes? I have a plan to lent just one scooter in Denpasar and going to Lombok then to Sumbawa and then back all the way. If yes how much is for that ? Thank a lot.
  12. davita it worth it?

    Recent posts under 'which hospitals' have motivated thought of insurance and since I'm off the booze, and don't spend endless hours in pubs anymore, I have time to review interesting, exciting insurance policies...:excitement: Looking through the last health care policy I had...
  13. SHoggard

    A mad adventure in boatbuilding

    Well after almost 2 years of sweat, tears and pouring money down a deep deep hole.... the Raja Naga Laut, my 25 meter (not-so) traditional Pinisi schooner is beginning the 'launch sequence' in Tanah Beru, Sulawesi 'Like' to get daily progress updates :cupcake...
  14. spicyayam

    A good example of why not to buy a condotel or any other kind of shared lease

    Nothing but problems with the managers of the property and almost nothing you can do about it.
  15. davita

    Things to contemplate whilst in hospital....not to be read while eating a sandwich!

    While laying flat on a hospital bed for the last 10 days, with no access to a computer, I had many thoughts. One that kept recurring, especially as I was watching the bag of IV dripping into my arm, was why it went in clear or later like white soup when they realized I'd paid for VIP service...
  16. balinews

    Bali's coldest beer

    The promise of the 'coldest Bintang in Bali' could be enough to fill Sheppy's on any given day, but it's the Collie couple's warm Aussie embrace of the Balinese culture in that busy Legian Street that keeps tourists flocking back. On a weekend in February, when the monsoon season sees...
  17. balinews

    New levy on plastic bags

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights. Access Denied Indonesia, the world’s...
  18. P

    Traffic prangs

    In keeping with the prompt of how did Bali influence your life today in a positive way, I saw not one but two 2-wheeler prangs today. One on the way to Singaraja and one on the way back. (Positive, because it wasn't me!). The one on the way to Sgrja (nr Pemaron) was a bule, maybe in mid to...
  19. SHoggard

    Osmosis Watermaker

    In my hunt for a watermaker for my boat I came across this -thought I'd share with those on the 'Pod who might have access to non-potable water & shortage of clean drinking water. It works with seawater, so there should be no problem with river or collected rainwater... not sure how it would...
  20. M

    Land Prices in North Bali

    Hi all, Was hoping anyone who knows North Bali might have an opinion on land prices up there – perhaps there are members living in places about Lovina that could share about buying land and living up there. After looking through the forum didn’t find any recent posts on this. I’ve spent...