pondok wisata

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  1. K

    First time Purchase property in Bali - leasehold - pheweeee!

    Hi, thanks for reading my post. i am new to the group as recently discovered the forum whilst trying to seek information regarding purchasing a villa in Bali. Im hoping someone can help me with the mind numbing complexities of purchasing in Bali. Every day I learn something new! To cut a long...
  2. spicyayam

    New regulations for getting hotel permit

    My wife was telling me that there are new regulations for getting a hotel permit in Bali. You now need to have 50 are of land for the hotel. It seems like the government is trying to tighten the screws on smaller developments. It seems look a good idea to control development, but a shame to...
  3. davita

    Registration of visitors to Bali

    The following was published in BaliDiscovery 16/05/2016.... "Via public announcements in the Bali press, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office has reminded all accommodation providers and private residence owners in Bali of their legal obligation to report the details and data of all guests...
  4. DenpasarHouse

    Install second electricity meter for cheaper electricity?

    I've got a normal house with a normal PLN electricity meter using the pulsa/credit system with a power limit of 4400 watts. The only reason we need the wattage as high as 4400 is that when western guests come to stay all the air-conditioners get turned on. The rest of the time the ACs don't get...
  5. lush4111

    Pemondokan vs Pondok Wisata

    Hi there people. This is my first post so firstly hello. I have a question regarding Pemondokan arrangements. Has anyone heard of a Pemondokan before? I have been advised that a Pemondokan is essentially similar to a Pondok Wisata, however, on a larger scale (up to 10 rooms), but not...
  6. K

    Pondok wisata thread #437

    So, here is the latest in the long line of pondok wisata threads... after 18 months of half heartedly trying to sort this out I am now getting serious. Our situation is that we have a 4 bdr lease in Sanur and are trying to regularise our affairs here to rent out our house when we are not...