"Forever" Kitap agent/cost


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May 1, 2012
We are due for getting our second 5 year retirement Kitap. Our long time agent wants a huge fee increase, it was 40 million five years ago, he wants 65 million now. I have called several contacts and been told we cannot change sponsors unless we begin the kitas process from the start, not something we want to do. However, I have spoken with the visa agent of a friend who says he also works with our current sponsor (Mas travel) who said he would do it for 57 million. Are these the prices that others are currently being quoted? Is there a downside to switching to a new agent? If not, any recommendations for finding an agent who works with our sponsor, or can any "agent" work with any sponsor?


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Dec 30, 2017
I am in the process for my 1st 5 year retirement KITAP
Cost 37,5 Million (Sanur area)
And yes, I heard also that changing agent is nearly mission impossible. Once you select you're more or less his hostage.
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Aug 14, 2007
Ubud, Bali
Yes, they seem to be seeing it as a 10 year charge. I did this 6 years ago. I have friends who say "I dont' want to pay that much - I may not live 10 years!". I just shrugged and did it. You still have to check in after 5 yeas, and renew exit permits every two years - so you never stop paying.