Businessman asks for bribe money back after failing to win government contract


Feb 14, 2010
A contractor who paid Rp 430 million ($31,750) in bribes to a Bekasi civil servant to get a road-paving project has reported the latter to the police after getting shafted.

The contractor, Suhanda, 34, claimed in his report to the South Bekasi Police that he was acquainted with the official in question, Yudhistira, who works at the Jatirahayu ward office in Bekasi. Suhanda alleged that Yudhistira claimed he could arrange for Suhanda to win a contract to pave roads in the area, and that the civil servant demanded a Rp 430 million bribe to grease the wheels.

The contract never came, however, and Suhanda later discovered that the project had been awarded to another contractor, prompting him to file a fraud complaint with the police.

The police said they were looking into the facts but had not yet questioned Yudhistira, whom they are still treating as a witness.

They did not say whether Suhanda’s admission of bribery would see the businessman face criminal charges of his own, or whether Yudhistira would face corruption charges in addition to the fraud charges.

“I just want my [bribe] money back,” Suhanda told reporters.

Businessman Shafted by Civil Servant Demands Bribe Money Back | Jakarta Globe


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Mar 13, 2012
I wonder if Indonesian court practices the 'Clean Hands Rule' where a claimant cannot claim when he has done an illegal act in regard to the claim....
Clean Hands Doctrine Law & Legal Definition

I'm no lawyer but have watched many Judge Judy Sheindlin and Judge Joe Brown shows on TV....and slept in many a Holiday Inn.:tongue: