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  1. SandyS

    Land lease & bilingual documents

    Hi everyone! Thanks all expats for sharing your experiences and knowledge on Bali on this forum. It matters a lot! Just joined as I am looking to a potential investment in Sumba. The plan is to find a place I love, work hard on the due diligence to see if the place loves me too (land...
  2. Willistayorwilligo

    Good Lawyer for Expats?

    Hello, grateful to be a new member on the forum. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good lawyer for expats in Bali. A local guy is blackmailing, harrassing and threatening me because I don't want to be his girlfriend. He says that he will go to immigration telling them that I sell my art here. I...
  3. balinews

    Australian bar owner in Bali court on drug charge

    A British former war correspondent and an Australian man have faced court in Indonesia on charges of possessing hashish. David Fox, an ex-Reuters reporter, and Giuseppe Serafino, a bar owner, were arrested in Bali on 8 October. The pair could face up to 12 years in prison if convicted of...
  4. M

    Power of attorney / Will.

    Hi guy's, anyone had any experience of trying to do this here in Bali. Getting older so trying to put a few things in place. We all feel like we'll live forever but at the end of the day you never know what's round the corner. Just been trying to do the POA for accounts in Australia and it's a...
  5. hadodi

    Not happy with police help

    I reported few months ago a fraud and embezzlement. Just few days ago I received a litter from the officer who handled the case that there was no criminal case... He adviced that I could complain. With whom? Him! Does somebody similar experience? What tomdo?
  6. M

    Starting a 100% Foreign owned PMA

    Hello, we are looking to start up a 100% foreign owned PMA for a new business. This business will be a small scale guesthouse with 10 rooms. We would like to invest 100.000 US$ for this. We read it's getting more complicated to achieve this with only this small investment, that you...
  7. M

    tax consultant

    Does anyone know of a tax consultant (preferably from personal experience) in Bali that they can recommend? And does a person in this capacity work on behalf of his/her client's interest? This is asked because in the practice of a notaris that person (technically at least) is an impartial...
  8. davita

    Execution F*** Up

    Must be a first for the Jakarta Post to apologise to its readers for reporting ALL 14 convicts were executed in Nusakambangan...then retracted to only 4. "The Jakarta Post made a serious error of judgment on Thursday night when it decided to run on its front page a headline story for the...
  9. balinews

    Dutch national facing drug charges

    The heir to the Netherlands' largest supermarket chain is facing drug charges in Bali. Djai Heijn was charged by authorities in January with trying to traffick marijuana into Indonesia after customs agents intercepted a package mailed to him from Spain. The package contained 224 grams of...
  10. Markit

    Gambling Anyone?

    Having been at several Hindu ceremonies where all and sundry (regardless of youth) were gambling away the family silver/gold/cows/land I just wondered what the actual laws here are governing the pass-time? It also seems to take place outside of any ceremony as I've seen guys (who almost anyone...
  11. Markit

    Legal Nominee Agreements Anyone?

    Over the years I've had to listen time and again to some supercilious asshole know-it-alls (other than me) telling us all how generally stupid, illegal and unenforceable the favored "nominee" land purchase agreement is. I would love to hear their explanation of this case...
  12. M

    lawyer in ubud

    Has anyone had any successful experience with a lawyer in Ubud? Am seeking a lawyer, not a notaris, and can find nothing in or near Ubud in previous posts. Thanks
  13. balinews

    Life sentence for foster mother in murder case

    The Denpasar District Court on Monday (29/02) sentenced Margriet Megawe, a woman accused of murdering her foster daughter and burying the child's body in her backyard, to life imprisonment. Margriet was found guilty for the May 2015 murder of 8-year-old Engeline, in a case which gripped the...
  14. S

    Buying Property in Bali

    Hey guys just wondering if you can help? My mother in law met a Balinese man about 8 months ago and moved in with him pretty much straight away. Which was fine, she paid the rent for a year in advance and obviously has to come back here when her visa runs out etc for a week or two. This time...
  15. R

    Pool Fence - Suppliers and Installers

    Hello all, The family and I are moving to Sanur in January and have rented a villa for 2 years :) . We have plans for after that point, so 2 years seemed appropriate for our needs. I have been living in Jakarta for the past 5 years, so I am familiar with the 'ways of life' in Indonesia, but...
  16. balinews

    Journalists given light sentences for visa violation

    An Indonesian court has sentenced two British journalists to short jail terms after finding them guilty of violating immigration laws by trying to make a documentary in the country without the correct visas. A prosecutor had asked the court to jail Neil Bonner, 32, and Rebecca Prosser, 31...
  17. balinews

    Businessman asks for bribe money back after failing to win government contract

    A contractor who paid Rp 430 million ($31,750) in bribes to a Bekasi civil servant to get a road-paving project has reported the latter to the police after getting shafted. The contractor, Suhanda, 34, claimed in his report to the South Bekasi Police that he was acquainted with the official...
  18. K

    Bond never repaid landlord a common thief despite apperances

    Hi we have a problem with our previous landlady in Bali who it turns out is nothing but a common thief. I will mention she is from Sydney to help others identify and avoid her. It is disappointing when you get screwed by another Antipodean most of my good friends in Bali are Australian and...
  19. spicyayam

    Have you ever experienced this?

    It seems like someone or I should say a family who has been fairly close and friendly to us, has been saying bad things about us, to all and sundry behind our backs. All of our other friends and acquaintances picked up on it but didn't want to say anything to us, as they either didn't want to...
  20. balinews

    Indonesia's economic problems blamed on death penalty

    Indonesia's struggling economy could be one reason why there has been little word of the country's next round of executions, according to the lead lawyer for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Australians Chan and Sukumaran, the ringleaders of the so-called Bali Nine, were among several...