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  1. hadodi

    Corruption? Not everywhere!

    When it comes to corruption, Indonesia has not a very good record. Although there is a lot of corruption going on in this country there are quite some white sheep around. I told the story of honest and honorable immigration staff in Singaraja, Bali, few years ago. Recently, as a foreigner in...
  2. Markit

    Property Tax

    I'm now being asked to pay the property tax on a building completed in 2010 under one IMB and also on an adjacent property completed in 2013 under a separate IMB. Does anyone have a clue how this should be calculated and/or where I can inform myself about this? Many thanks in advance. Markit
  3. C

    Build Contractor

    If you are thinking of buidling your dream home or making custom furniture to fit your home, I can help you to build and fully renovate your house with reasonable quote per m2. I am also able to help you to design and build furniture for your house. If you need such service or if you know...
  4. balinews

    Businessman asks for bribe money back after failing to win government contract

    A contractor who paid Rp 430 million ($31,750) in bribes to a Bekasi civil servant to get a road-paving project has reported the latter to the police after getting shafted. The contractor, Suhanda, 34, claimed in his report to the South Bekasi Police that he was acquainted with the official...
  5. spicyayam

    Indonesia scraps plans for high speed railway

    Seems like another lost opportunity. Scrapping Indonesia's Bullet Train Leaves Top Investors Confused | Jakarta Globe
  6. D

    Building costs - access lane

    Hi - I'm building in Ubud and am a newbie to building and a definitely a newbie to building in Bali. I have an architect and a building contractor in mind, I'm still in the design stage but step one will be to build an access road. The access road is 40mx3m and I've been quoted 70M IDR, with...
  7. T

    Pool Pump and Location

    Currently negotiating whether to install a pool or not. This size we a currently considering is 9 x5mtres. Would any one mind offering some information in regards to a good quality pool pump and the best location for a pool pump to be located. The contractor we have been talking to...
  8. Markit

    Check your Google Identity Cause the Immi Sure Do

    Another friend of mine is now playing hide and seek with Immi because he was working here before his work permit (applied for by his employer) was finalized. As my friend was working in pretty inaccessible places up a mountain he felt fairly safe from unexpected official intrusions...
  9. M

    Pln contractor at my door!

    Dont know if this has happened to anyone else out there, but in November I forgot to leave enough money in our Mandiri Account for the PLN direct debit. So about 10 days after the payment was usually due, and I was still unaware that the account was low, a guy in a PLN shirt comes to the house...
  10. C

    building a house

    Does anyone know what's involved in building a house in Bali. I've secured some land. What approvals etc. Do I need
  11. marklindsay

    How much detail is required in drawings for an IMB?

    Hi How much data , part from a basic site plan , position and general dimensions are required for the lodging of an IMB? Are full architectural/builders plans needed? - showing all specs , all internal layout, building materials, roofing , door types etc etc? I'm hoping to put forward...
  12. marklindsay

    Ubud contractor/builder ? Info?

    Can anyone suggest a reliable, English speaking contractor working in the Ubud area? Thanks
  13. R

    First post - in search for Painting Contractors

    Hello forum community. My first post here but I am not new to Bali. However, after being let down by no show and now not returning calls, I am on the hunt for a Painting Contractor/s to give us a quote and possibly undertake an external re-paint of our villa in Central Bali. If you know of...
  14. B

    Can anybody recommend a architect in Negara?

    Can anybody recommend a architect in the Negera area or anywhere really in Bali that works for normal wages, some of these named companies i have contacted think we have money trees in the back yard with the quotes i have had for a 3 bed villa plan only, i have the workers and a picture of the...
  15. balinews

    Australian man arrested for drug possession in Surabaya

    An Australian man faces up to 20 years in an Indonesian prison after being arrested with a stash of drugs in his possession, police said Tuesday. Andrew Roger, 53, was detained at a cafe he runs from his home in the city of Surabaya, East Java, rolling a marijuana cigarette with two friends...
  16. B

    Repairs to Batu Sikat (Bali mosaic) - How?

    Hi Guys, Any one have advice on how to repair the stone surface of Batu Sikat? The small stones have lifted and the Contractor who did the work has vanished (so much for the guarantee). It seems the repair work is too small for other Batu Sikat contractors, so I have to do it myself as the...
  17. balinews

    Fresh Snowden documents show Australia spying on Indonesia

    Former US intelligence contractor and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has reportedly disclosed fresh documents, revealing details of cooperation between the US National Security Agency and the Australian Signals Directorate in accessing Indonesian telephone data. Top secret documents have...
  18. T

    Water Bathroom

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum. Firstly I would like to say thank you for all the knowledgable information you are providing to me and others like me. I am hoping you will be able to assist me with my question. I am renovating a bathroom and I am looking for a single glass petition (used...
  19. joji gulapetis

    Will the Bali zoning laws ever have teeth?

    Just read this on the Bali Discovery site. "A Zone Defense Calls to Demolish Illegal Structures and Jail Those who Break Building Permit Regulations (11/3/2013) A member of a special legislative committee to examine problems and issues surrounding the issuance of Building Permits (IMB)...
  20. DenpasarHouse

    Standard guarantee for new residential buildings in Indonesia

    Halo Everyone, I was hoping to get some advice about the standard guarantees given from builders/developers after completion of new houses. I'm just about to sign up to building a new house in Denpasar and they only guarantee the building for 1 month after completion. Basically, I don't...