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  1. Ben_A

    Thinking of upping sticks

    Hi folks, long time lurker. Recently I've decided to kick start my dream of moving to Bali to escape the monotony of western life, I'm sure you're no stranger to Westerners looking for advice on this situation, and I realise that I may well be the trillionth person who wants this type of life...
  2. jiker69

    New Member

    Hello everyone, Like the Title says, I'm new to this Forum. I'm an American citizen who will be retiring next year (2017). I plan on visiting Bali in the off season to see if it "works" for me, I have high hopes I can blend in. I appreciate all the help here on the Forum. Thank you for...
  3. Markit

    Rip balipod?

    Have noticed a downward trend here and hope that it is only summer doldrums? Or are the ever more intrusive adds here pissing other users off too?
  4. G

    Tatoos in Bali

    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member and was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on a really great tattooist in Kuta that are a good & fair prices with clean salons. We will be in Bali for all of August and I would like to get a few more tats done. Cheers Gaza
  5. M

    The Old Balipod

    Today as usual doing some googling was referred to old Balipod posts, and was amazed at all the people that then familiar I no longer see. I for one am hoping for a return to the site that we once knew, happily contributed to, and gained from. Let's give it a renewed start!
  6. M

    New member saying hello and thanks!

    This is my first post. Just wanted to introduce myself and say how thankful I am to all those contributing to this forum as it is extremely helpful...and I might add, some replies have been highly entertaining! I am basing myself in Ubud for several weeks to get a feel for it as I'm looking to...
  7. C

    Woodcarving Contacts

    Hi there, In November this year I am setting off to cycle across Asia, part of a personal project to document wood carving across this vast continent. From the big carving factories to the small local wood carvers, from the islands of Indonesia and hills of northern Thailand, to the mountains...
  8. KomangTato

    Need Help Guys - How To Put The signature ?

    Thanks For help From other member with very kindly told me How ! What I have been done doing : 1.Click Setting - The right on top 2.General setting on My Account 3.Thick the box signature Then Save 4.Go back to general setting " still Not Find the Option to right the signature "...
  9. KomangTato

    New Mamber - Please Welcome Me

    Hi Dear I am New Member Here , Please Welcome Me on This Blog Forum I am From Bali , I am Baliness , Want To have Many friend Please welcome Me Best regard Komang Tato
  10. A

    First post

    Hi everyone, Hope to be on Bali later this year for a few months, I have found this forum invaluable and I've only been lurking for 2 days. Hopefully I will be able to contribute our experiences finding accommodation and getting to know the ropes later this his year.