1. A

    Hello from the beautiful Ubud

    Hi there, My name is Allian and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm in Bali because I had the opportunity to stay here for a while with a friend and now I'm looking for organic fabrics like bamboo and cotton to make clothes with. So if anybody knows where I can find these kinds of fabrics, I would...
  2. J

    Rug Weavers

    Hi all, Just wanted to find out if anyone knew where I would be able to source/find a good rug weaver in Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia? I'm looking for jute rugs and cotton rugs. Thanks!
  3. A

    Bulk foods nuts etc

    Where's the best place to buy bulk foods standard and organic. Thanks.
  4. davita

    The Paris massacre

    Here is a link to the countries and organisations who have condemned the shooting in Paris by Muslim extremists ..... Charlie Hebdo shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the 4th largest overall population and 1st in Muslim population, on the planet, is notable absent...
  5. P

    Looking for Canvas Bag Maker

    I am looking for a canvas bag maker in Indonesia. I have enclosed two pic's. The bag is a mini purse. It's size is 11 inch x 6 inch x 4inch. It's made of cotton double canvas oxford I believe. Does anyone know a manufacture that work with canvas that they can recommend or know.
  6. R

    What to Ask for to Disolve Ear Wax

    Hi, All: went into the water the other day, and the second I hit the water I felt a ear was loosen and it's stuck in the back of the ear(I've had this happen before). so where should I go and what do ask for. The people at the hotel don't seem to know what I'm talking about. I believe the...
  7. C

    Good quality plain shirts in bulk

    I'm looking for a place to buy good quality, plain cotton shirts (preferably long-sleeved) with several color options in bulk. I live in Ubud, and I've been to a couple printing places but they say I need to bring my own shirts. I know Bandung is probably the place for all my shirt needs, but...
  8. balibule

    Not again please ...

    Just had dinner in Sanur with a fair amount of fireworks. Did it start already? Will it be as bad as last year? Did anyone else notice?
  9. mat

    Removing Coconut milk stains.

    Anyone out there know how to get coconut milk stains out of a favorite cotton shirt? [Got covered in the stuff and it doesn't wash out even after 3 washes in the machine]
  10. L

    Potato Mashers for sale in Bali?

    Hi Everyone, I know it's a silly basic question but I'm having trouble finding a Potato masher here in Bali (Denpasar). Does anyone know where I can find one? I've looked in Carrefour, Bintang, and other general stores & Supermarkets to no avail. Thank you.
  11. B

    Environmentally friendly cotton

    I am looking for a supplier, anywhere in Indonesia but Bali would be good, who can supply cotton that has been produced in an environmentally conscious way, and who operate a fair trade/conditions policy for their workers.
  12. V

    Looking for a helper, buyer, guide! Man Friday!

    Hi Everyone! I'm going to be needing to find a good helper/buyer (Man Friday) - who I can trust. Someone who will help me buy batik sarongs while I'm in Bali, then watch over the quality and shipping while I'm not there. Can you give me some advice on what would be a fair wage to pay them...
  13. S

    Help with new business - Babies/ Children's Clothing label

    Hi, I am goingt o be traveling to Bali soon to start a business designing children's/ baby's clothing. I have heard that Bali is great for this with doing small runs and the likes and I am really interested in finding an (ethical) factory to work with. Can anyone point me in the right...