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    Search doesn't work

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    Maybe for you but not for me> Search: dogs - takes me to results but when I click on any of the links - ERROR
    The click lead to old thread that still in trouble. But, the rest of the functionality of the forum is working.
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    I just moved from Italy to Bali (Jimbaran) a month ago with my husband and my son (20 mths old). I am looking for a part time nanny to work mainly on the weekends (full days) and occasionally in the evening on weekdays. Can anyone recommend someone to me? Preferably (female) , speaks (English), young, energetic, kind, honest and fun.

    Kind Regards
    Hi all,
    My husband(Australian)recently passed away.He lease 2 villas in Bali and renting to holiday makers online. Does anyone knows what happens to the villas for his passing? Can I claim those
    I am a Filipino and don't know about the laws in Info.
    He had a 15 yrs old son from previous marriage the mother is an Indonesian
    Any suggestions and ideas much appreciated

    Looking for someone to provide and stall wrought iron gates to secure a property in Bali. Can anyone recommend someone to me
    Please post on the main forum. Click the menu "Post new thread"
    My Family resided, in Indonesia, (many, many years ago,) through my Father's employment; &, it has been my life-long dream to return to Bali, to live. I was hoping to do so, by teaching English, (as a second language) commencing next year, (2013.)
    I've begun researching, online; for approprate courses, & associated material, etc - in-order to undertake the required study, during second semester, this year, (2012) - but, have discovered that the more information I locate, the further confused I am becoming.
    I am hoping that you might be aware of individuals - successfully teaching, (or who have taught) English, (as a second language) in Bali - &, who might be willing to communicate their experiences. Such assistance would be invaluable; &, I would definitely appreciate guidance that would assist me toward my goal ...... this is the first endeavour that I have ever undertaken alone; &, I admit it's somewhat daunting.
    Thanking you for your time,
    Marie Zaccaria.
    Hi, I'm new on here and I can't actually work out how to post a message in the forum?! Could you possibly help me!? Thanks
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