Why don't online payment processors support Indonesia?


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Jan 12, 2009
I wonder why most online payment providers don't support Indonesia. I find it frustrating and surely it has got to be holding back the economy in terms of developing its digital economy. I guess it is because of fraud or perceived fraud, but its banking system is not too bad.

Paypal works, but no support for rupiah. Why is that? I wonder why the government doesn't do more to push for this. They want payments to be made in the local currency, but it is impossible to do this with Paypal.

Transferwise is great, but you cannot send money from Indonesia to another country. I wonder if that is Transferwise stopping this or the government's way of preventing outflow of money. The Transferwise debit card is not available here either.

Other platforms that are widely available like Stripe are not supported in Indonesia. I know there are some local options but they are not known outside of the country.