Indonesia second home visa


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Jan 12, 2009
Usually there aren't many major changes to visas but it seems like the government is introducing something called a "Second home visa". The details are not clear yet, but it seems like it is a similar extended stay visa like the retirement visa, but without the age restrictions. They also seem to be doing away with the need for sponsors, which I think would be great news for many people. If you have any other good sources of information, please post them here.

GR 48/2021 introduces a new category to Indonesian immigration rules, whereby foreigners can now obtain a limited stay visa (VITAS) for non-work purposes for the purpose of having Indonesia as a second home. Foreigners must have settled in Indonesia for five to 10 years and fulfil certain requirements to qualify for this new visa category. This second home category replaces the category for elderly tourists, who were eligible for a non-work VITAS in previous regulations. GR 48/2021 provides that a non-work VITAS already issued for elderly tourists shall remain applicable as a non-work VITAS for foreigners in the second home category.
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Sep 3, 2007
Karangasem, Bali
All pointless BS in my HO. There are already so many scams to get around the visa requirements as the laws are written who cares about a new one? What will it add to the mix? FA

I would plead for a visa allowing foreigners the freehold ownership of any land within 300m of the coastline. Indonesia owns the largest (55,000km) tropical coastline in the world (Canada has the longest but it's fecking cold there!) and don't like much of any of it. The locals think it's the source of all evil and only good for throwing their trash into.
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