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  1. Fred2

    I Pad

    I use to log on all the time but lately it comes up with V Bulletin and when I click on full site, come up "not found" when I try and log in, it just goes back to the same page. any advice apart from using the main computer?????
  2. A

    Illegal Company How To Report It

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone knows the procedure to report an illegal westerner working in Bali?? Thank you, Anzac
  3. P

    KITAS Discounts

    Hi team - Does anyone have knowledge or a list of discounts you get with a KITAS? I have heard that Bali Safari and Water Bomb offer discounts (though not sure how much), but hoping someone may have a more complete list of the attractions, hotels, ect .. that offer KITAS discounts.
  4. B

    Free Rabies Vaccination For Pets?

    Yesterday when we got home our dog and cat were both looking rather miserable and our dog was sporting a a new red collar. Our pembantu told us they'd both been given free rabies vaccinations by a local doctor. They weren't due for another couple of months, but of course we appreciate this...
  5. tintin

    Translation balinese - english

    What is going on? Yesterday, I asked if anyone could translate a short Balinese phrase. This particular phrase was taken from the answer by Wibisono Sastrodiwiryo, on December 14, 2007, to an article written by Adrian Vickers, Professor of Southeast Asian Studies at The University of...
  6. B

    Theft and Loss

    This is Pollyanna writing from my husband's account because I can't remember my user name and password combination. I'll be off the air for a while. My locked car was broken into, window bashed, and my computer stolen. So ... until the thiefs are nabbed and my goods recovered or until I give up...
  7. tintin

    NEW POSTS (Cont'd)

    Maybe you're asleep or on vacation and do not check all of the comments on this Website. In the past, I have noticed the problem with "New Posts" and the fact that new posts or new comments are NOT ALL REGISTERED on the "New Posts" thread. I did not bother to point it out until now, thinking...
  8. T

    Just married - Kadek & Thorsten

    For all the people who know us, or at least who know about the story of how it all began. We – Kadek and Thorsten got married yesterday on 16th April 2010 in Germany. The Bali Expat Forum (now Balipod) was where our story started more than 4 years ago (special thanks to Ni Luh aka Pooochie...
  9. spicyayam

    Worst business ideas you have seen in Bali

    What are some of the worst business ideas you have seen in Bali?
  10. admin

    No access to the private messaging function for new users

    To prevent spammers from using the private messaging function, you now need to have made at least 10 posts before you can send PMs.
  11. admin

    Welcome to balipod 2.0

    If you are reading this now, you should be looking at the new The important thing is that you need to reset your password to be able to log in, as passwords could not be migrated to the new site. You don't need to register for a new account! Click here to reset your password...