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  • Hi Pollyanna,
    Thank you for your postings on rain water and underground tanks. I'm in the process of designing a new home in West Bali and would be interested to hear how your project is progressing. We are also considering building a 20,000l+ underground concrete tank and collecting rainwater to supplement the bore water we are currently using. We find bore water in Bali very hard and are left with scale on all toilets, faucets and sinks. I'm new to this forum so thought I'd start with a visitor message.
    Hi there,
    Just posted to you on the forum but now realise I can contact you this way. I'm coming to Bali in May and am happy to bring a few things from the large Santos health food store here, in Mullumbimby. So long as they're not too bulky or heavy. You can pay me in rupiah when I get there. I won't be bringing very much with me so not a hassle. But I don't plan to go up to Ubud so you'll need to come down south to pick them up. Am staying at Ixora [Cendrawasih, Petitenget] in Seminyak the first week, then the Mercure in Sanur the second week.
    Cheers, Lyn
    Hello Marg,
    We are on a retirement KITAS. This must be renewed annually for five years before we can get a KITAP, a permanent resident visa. For our retirement visa we do not need to leave Bali to renew. We are in our first year so haven't been through a renewal process. Our agent will handle it for us. I don't know if we will have to go down to Denpasar or not but won't need to leave Bali.
    I hope this helps.
    Hi Pollyanna
    Just wondering in regards to retirement visa, once you have it do you have to leave the country each year to renew it or is this done in Bali.
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