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  • hello, thankyou so much, I have already send a message to the email address you send me, I am now just waiting for reply. Thankyou so much. Can you give me your email address so I can speak easier with you? Mine is amosmallpiece at hotmail dot co dot uk

    Thankyou so so much for helping me, yes leo is like my baby, he goes everywhere with me, he even has his own pet stroller for shops that don't allow dogs inside, so if you see a girl walking around kuta gallerea with a little dog in a pushchair,you know thats me! :)

    its Leo's birthday today! :) so very good day to hear from you :) thanks again

    Aimee Frances Rose

    I can not replied your pm..

    I will give you some contact to be FREE asked about how to delivering your Leo.. some post here (if you read my post @ the banned post) ,They make me sad n sick, they do not understand how sometimes a pet can be more loveable, as a family . I just wanna help. Please Don't get me wrong.. !

    send your email directly to : fire.candle at yahoo dot com (i am not allowed to post link :icon_e_smile:) (i will give you a personal contact (trustable officer) to be call ).

    How ever What mat Soleh & other comments here, is good input you should think about. If you finding some difficulties, and looking for some one to take care "Leo" , I'll be happy to do that . My daughter is a pet lover and also a member of BARC (Bali Animal Welfare).

    hello, yes my dog is up to date with all injections. Leo is a mini pom. 3 kg's ish! and one year old. we think he was originally born in Jakarta, we bought him from bali pet shop in Kuta when he was three months old.
    Is moving my dog safe? or is their risk of them putting him down?? Moving to NZ.

    Many thanks Aimee
    To have some rabies free injection(notes from a reputable vet) , vaccinated document and copy of a birth certificate it's a must to be handed to us.
    All doc needed To be showed to the officers @ the port.
    First thing i need to know is "what is your dog" ?
    I am sure you have a doc. needed that i mentioned, right ?
    I have to depart the dog from Surabaya , Because Every dogs came from Bali, is not welcome to every country (because of the rabies issue).
    hello, I think its great what you are doing, as long as the dogs have had their shots, which im sure they will have is someone is willing to bring them over. Do you know about moving dogs from bali to the UK or to New Zealand?

    hope you can help

    If you are in Needed of help to bring your dog into Bali..

    PM me !

    Thanks God.. my dog has safely arrived .. alive and happy.
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