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  • Populaire has been building Indonesia's finest homes for over 35 years.

    We are Bali's premiere home builder, with projects in Sanur, Brawa, Canggu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Goa Gong.

    Learn more @ www,populaireresidences,com

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    Wish you the very best with your Yayasan. There are so many negative men on the forum and I hope you can ignore their comments.
    i add you in my YM. its dini dot manik at yahoo dot com.
    Happy birthday to leo.. kiss n hug for your lovely dog.
    my daughter , 10 yo, asked me to visit leo, if its OK, with you.
    she is a pet lover. we lives at padonan raya( van Dama residence) 2 km from canggu.
    we should meet sometime, before you leave Indo.
    I already ask to a friend (on a shipping company) who had been delivered a dog by air ,out of Indonesia .
    I will give you his contact , personally by my personal e mail :
    freely asked him about what you need (free consultation ).
    To have some rabies free injection(notes from a reputable vet) , vaccinated document and copy of a birth certificate it's a must to be handed to us.
    All doc needed To be showed to the officers @ the port.
    First thing i need to know is "what is your dog" ?
    I am sure you have a doc. needed that i mentioned, right ?
    I have to depart the dog from Surabaya , Because Every dogs came from Bali, is not welcome to every country (because of the rabies issue).
    Hello, Thanks for the video, but the availabily does not match. We're looking for something strating 21/22 of june up to end of july. Any ide ? Thanks a lot.
    Bonjour, j'ai cru comprendre que vous étiez français(e) ? Nous allons, avec ma femme et mes deux petits bout de choux, arrivés à Bali fin juin.Votre maison est-elle toujours à louer ?
    Merci !
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