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Mar 13, 2012
Here is a link to an interview, conducted by the Jakarta Globe, with the UK Ambassador to RI.

Why Indonesia Matters to the World: British Ambassador Moazzam Malik's Economic Perspectives | Jakarta Globe

IMO he was very direct in his criticism of how Indonesia is contradicting its economic policies by its ridiculous working visa and Kitas regulations. He also drew attention to why most foreigners don't do business in RI..... 'coz the rules make it too effing difficult....for no obvious reason.

I hope some Indonesian Politicos read and do something instead of wasting on seminars like the Golkar's just did in Nusa Dua to choose a leader of their party...a previous speaker of the house being investigated for corruption.


Jun 4, 2015
Im no great fan of British politics but this guy hit the nail right on the head,maybe if more Governments were to skeak out in a similar manner perhaps someone in the RI Government might actually cop on ,

Or is that too much to expect