Help - Alternative to Pondok Wisata


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Jun 7, 2020
Dear Friends hope you are doing good and are healthy! I need an advice from someone who went thru this and found a solution :

My friend is a Local, he has a " Guesthouse " with 10 Rooms.
2 Buildings splited in 4 and in 6 Rooms on 1 Land:
1 room : office
1 room : Warehouse
8 Rooms each 16 sqm: for rent.

Location: behind sky garden
Landsize: 3 Are

Before he rent it to locals now he wants to get a license for Renting to Tourists.
But we know that pondok wisata only possible for 5 rooms.

You guys have aby ideas ways and estimsted costs to get the right license for him ?
Or a good strategy for this case ( i am sure they ve been many cases like this and some could been solved with the right solutions)

Thank you in Advanced

His Building exists since 45 years