Custody rights for expat parents


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Jan 10, 2009
This story has been doing the rounds on Facebook, while both sides trying to defend their actions:

I have no idea who is right, but I wonder what the legal status of the situation would be following Indonesian law.
Poles apart (sorry, couldn’t resist).

The way I read it, it’s a custody battle plus home invasion and an abduction. As for their legal status in Indonesia, why not check with Wijaya & Co (their ad is at the top of every page on this forum). Isn’t your wife a lawyer? What does she think?
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Jan 12, 2009
Wijaya would definitely be good to contact if one of the people involved read this.

My wife is busy with her own cases, so I didn't even bring this up. Listening to one of her stories last night, I realized we or I, lead quite an uneventful life compared with some people. I am not sure why trouble seems to follow some people more than others.