Current Entry situation with kitas visa

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Jun 12, 2020
yes and expired kitas/p and entry/exit permit till 31/12/20

I was just going to post a question about this so now I hope I can get clarity on it, I am out of Bali at the moment (not Aus) and my Retirement Kitas expires on the 18th October, and as I will be getting surgery soon I think it highly unlikely I will be able to travel back to Bali in time for the 20th September as my sponsor has informed me they need to start the renewal process then, my question now is with this updated rule do I now have until the 31st Dec to get back to renew it and will my MERP still be valid to get entry or do I have to obtain anything else apart from a PCR test.


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Oct 31, 2018
I have a question regarding the Single Entry Business Visa and the Social visa. A company called BaliLegals is offering to sell visa's albeit at an extortionate price but they are offering. My question is if I were to purchase one of these visa's and I was able to get out of Australia which is an issue all on its own would Immigration allow me to enter Bali. My understanding is tha the border is closed at the moment and likely to stay that way for some time.