Australian visa for Indonesian

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Ginand T

Sep 30, 2019
Cautious......Visa to enter Australia for Indonesian girlfriend, Class 600 Sponsored Family Stream
Can anyone clarify this process as I smell a rat.
I'm sponsoring my girlfriend for a visit over here, she has an Indo passport.
She's using an Agent who me she trusts. But my trust is yet to be earned.
The agent is asking for copies of my passport, bank statement and sponsorship letter. The only thing I see as a prerequisite is the letter. Tell me I'm wrong.
Phoned Au Home affairs. They say fill out Form 1149 Sponsor Family Visitor.... and that's it.

Anyone had this before.


Well-Known Member
Jan 12, 2009
Is this a tourist visa? sorry, I am not up with all of the codes.

It is called 'supporting documentation'. It might not be required, but any extra documentation you can provide will help your case.
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Ginand T

Sep 30, 2019
Visitor Visa. I'm just concerned bank and passport details could also be used to steal my identity.


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Sep 7, 2006
Visitor Visa. I'm just concerned bank and passport details could also be used to steal my identity.
Many years ago but I had to provide the same when I sponsored my girlfriend (now wife ). As Spicy says, the more documentation you provide the better are your chances of having the visa approved. Australian immigration are not going to approve the visa if you don't provide your passport details. Get real.


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May 26, 2004
Legian, Bali
Your girlfriend will also need to prove her ties to Indonesia. For example, if she has a job in Indonesia, a letter from her employer stating how long she's been employed in her current position and confirming the job is waiting for her when she returns to Indonesia. If she owns property, she should include copies of title deeds. If she supports any family members, this should also be stated in her application. Any documents that mitigate her being considered a "flight risk" should be included, because this is primarily what the Australian government is concerned about.

Your sponsorship letter should state she will be staying with you and you will be supporting her while she's in Australia, including taking out travel insurance for the duration of her stay (medical treatment for foreigners without Medicare is prohibitively expensive).
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