meet up

  1. T

    Would Like to Interview Some Expats

    Hi, I’m a writer for International Living Magazine and International Living Australia. I am coming to Bali next month to research and write a series of articles about living and retiring in Bali. I’m hoping to meet up with some expats from the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand who are...
  2. T

    spear fishing

    Hi my name is Terrie. I was wondering if anyone on here would like to meet up for some spearfishing trips I'm always looking for people to come with me. I currently work in Australia but live in bali for me week off you.
  3. KomangTato

    Meet Each other Some Place Get Bottle of Beer or Cup Of Coffee ?

    Hi... I am New Here on This forum I guess Some of you already leaving in Bali, What About if we meet each other one times or maybe you guys did it already - where Do you Hung up guys ?, Maybe I can joint - come too and get bottle of beer or Coffee , It will be Nice meet each other. What...
  4. F

    playgroup in Sanur

    Hi everyone, we have now moved to bali!!! My daughter is missing her friends, she is 2, 3 in may - would anyone like to set up a regular day once per week for a play????? we dont mind driving. She goes to cheeky monkey twice per week but our days are flexible - so any day is good for us...
  5. G

    Tai Chi in Bali? Request for info

    Hello. I am a Sanur resident and would like to join a Tai Chi class (have already some experience). Not one of those short and expensive workshops for posh tourists; rather, a serious course, led by a good master (indonesian?). Any tips/good piece of advice? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Gio