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  • Hi Sakuma,

    Actually my friend, my interests lay far from my wifes kampung :) My interests lie in my girlfriends kampung. Maybe I am a fool or maybe I am somewhat learned :)
    Hi Sakuma,

    My sincerest apologies for not making contact sooner. Any information you can pass on to a novice would be appreciated. Cheers mate
    No probs.

    I just realised it looks like I was snooping on you guys. The only reason I picked up on it is that these profile posts end up on the 'Activity' page.

    You might want to delete the ones that have personal information in them.
    Hey guys. Not sure if you're aware, but these profile posts are open to the public. If you want to send private messages you need to go the section called "Conversations".
    Hi Marc,
    The standard situation is that a bule enters with his Indo. partner and the conversation is conducted totally in Bahasa. You get the documents w/o translations, and have no fucking idea what it means. YOU CAN'T BLAME YOUR PARTNER BECAUSE THEY aren't versed in legal terminology.
    I found an IRISHMAN MARRIED TO A (sorry, doing this in the dark) Batak notaris in Sanur and they can do translations into English, and point out the errors or weak areas in your documents. .I found problems that could lead to future bad situations if not changed, and have made the changes.
    I BELIEVE that a Hak Pakai is limited to one deal and be only less than a certain number of are. As you know Hak Pakai is a lower level type of ownership than Hak Milik, but it can be amended in ownership by a "right of USE dOCUMENT". thIS documrnt gives you more control in ownership than a nominee agreement which is the only thing available with a Hak Milik that is for a prperty exceeding a certain size.
    Hi Marc?,
    Your information sounds like a friend of mine with whom I have lost contact. My name is Don Johnston, and I would like to re-connect if I am correct about your identity. I am now in the US, but will return to Bali in Sept.
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