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  • hi ya's me and my family looking at moving to bali april and live in the caanggu area we have been on too heaps of web sites and also visited a few properties in the canggu area mostly through reality agents which ive found to really high priced if any one has any friends in the area preferribly near the school and club min 3 bedroom pool aircon more western but okay with balinese style with mod cons looking at $85mil-$12mil per yr but will take up a 2 yr lease if the property is a good price. i have been to the deli as well as bali advetiser bali budha thats where i found more agents than locals ..any help would be good help
    cheers jen
    hi ya how are you goin i noticed you wrote a reply about visa's in perth i have our sponser letter and forms to full out but im not sure though about the process i know we have to have passport photos with a red back ground,im just not sure about weather or not you have to purchase your tickets and if your only goin one way to bali do you still go to the visa on arrival counter any advise would be good advise cheers jen
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