interior design

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    Sourcing furniture for a new villa

    Hi Can anyone help me? Managing a new build in Lovina from New Zealand and now we're into interior decorating it is getting difficult. My questions are as follows: 1) What furniture can we buy and what do we need to get made - we need beds, sofa, table - coffee and dining, sun loungers etc...
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    Rug Weavers

    Hi all, Just wanted to find out if anyone knew where I would be able to source/find a good rug weaver in Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia? I'm looking for jute rugs and cotton rugs. Thanks!
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    Bali based interior designers

    I am a small business owner (revenue approx $850k pa) in Adelaide, Australia and a regular visitor to Bali. Our business (dance studio) will be undergoing an internal redevelopment in late 2013/early 2014. Being passionate about good design (but less capable at actually designing!) I would...
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    Book research and accommodation

    Hi to all you lucky property owners in Bali. I am a photographer based in Australia and would love to interview and photograph some Bali homes and owners. I am writing a coffee table style book, in which I am hoping to feature beautiful and original Bali homes, interiors and the people...
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    South African English teacher looking for employment

    Hi everyone I am a 23year old female from South Africa. I was hoping to find out some more information on teaching English in Bali. I do not have a BA as I did my university training in Interior Design and only have the equivalent of a diploma. I have read so many conflicting information...
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    furniture store in Bali

    Hey, I am looking for someone running a furniture store in Bali or has something to do with furniture, interior design. Please email me for more details. juhasz.monika(at) Many thanks, Moni