According to reporting from Jakarta Globe, Indonesia is looking to use the World Water Forum (WWF) scheduled to be held in Bali from May 18 to 25, to attract foreign investors to fund its strategic water-related projects valued at USD 9.6 billion.

Mohammad Zainal Fatah, a senior official at the Public Works Ministry, recently said that Indonesia was in the process of listing the projects that they would offer to foreign investors. The government is still putting the list together, but it includes existing projects, as well as new ones, that are already worth billions of American dollars.

Jakarta Globe reports that Indonesia is in need of fantastic investments in water pipeline infrastructure to provide universal access to safe and affordable drinking water by 2030. The country’s investment in drinking water infrastructure has only reached 20.6 percent. To boost the numbers to 30 percent, Indonesia would need at least IDR 123 trillion (about USD 7.7 billion). The state budget, however, can only cover 37 percent of the water infrastructure needs, and Indonesia is seeking new sources of financing.

“The 10th World Water Forum will see attendance from many countries. This should be our chance to attract new investments into water infrastructure,” said Nani Hendiarti, a deputy at the Coordinating Ministry for Investment Affairs.

Indonesia recently reported that it had posted around IDR 401.5 trillion in combined domestic and foreign investments in the first quarter of 2024. About 50.9 percent of those investments came from foreign investors, according to Jakarta Globe.


Source: Jakarta Globe

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