According to reporting from Antara News, Indonesia’s Youth and Sports Minister, Dito Ariotedjo, discussed opportunities for investment in developing sports infrastructures with representatives of the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during his visit to Abu Dhabi on Saturday (27/4/24.)

“The investment opportunities that we discussed range from joining in the construction of a Paralympic training center in Central Java to a youth elite athlete training center in Cibubur,” he said through his personal Instagram account quoted here on Sunday (28/4/24.)

The investment opportunities were discussed during a meeting with officials of the Abu Dhabi Development Fund and the UAE Office of Development Affairs (ODA) on the second day of his working visit to Abu Dhabi, say Antara News.

Ariotedjo noted that apart from investment opportunities, he also discussed opportunities for cooperation between the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports and UAE ODA regarding the pencak silat (Indonesian martial art) championship events in the UAE and issues related to youth.

He said that his ministry is supporting the UAE ODA by connecting the Youth Volunteer program with the ministry’s Collab Ranger program. “We are delighted with the collaboration that has been established. Hopefully, this can impact the progress of Indonesia’s sports industry,” he said.

Earlier, Ariotedjo also held a meeting with the UAE Minister of Education Ahmad Belhoul who also serves as Chairman of the General Authority of Sports of the UAE on Friday (26/4/24,) according to Antara News.

At the meeting, he conveyed appreciation for the UAE’s support for the development of pencak silat by organizing an international tournament in the UAE in 2024, adding that the support from the UAE government is expected to help promote pencak silat as an Indonesian traditional martial art to the world.

“Pencak silat is a sport that our nation is proud of. Synergy with the UAE, a country that places special attention on martial arts, is expected to promote pencak silat to a broader population worldwide,” the minister said.


Source: Antara News

Stock photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

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