Speaking at the opening of a series of activities for World IP Day 2024 on Friday (26/4/24,) Min Usihen, Indonesia’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights Director General of Intellectual Property (DJKI), emphasized the urgency of continuing to encourage the development of the intellectual property ecosystem, according to reporting from Antara News.

Usihen, said the intellectual property ecosystem is a system that produces a sustainable cycle of creation and innovation that encompasses the three main elements of creation, protection, and utilization, adding that “we must continue to encourage the development of an intellectual property system so that we can get out of the middle-income trap.”

“This is also to help the nation achieve the vision of a Golden Indonesia 2045” through economic development based on developing the country’s intellectual property ecosystem,” she said.

Antara News say that this aims to propel Indonesia forward by increasing the contribution of the industrial sector based on creativity and innovation to improve the national economy.

World IP Day 2024 bears the theme of “Intellectual Property and Sustainable Development Goals: Building the Future with Innovation and Creativity,” which is in line with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

To commemorate World IP Day 2024, the DJKI is holding various activities, including organizing seminars, conducting workshops to strengthen the intellectual property ecosystem, conferring WIPO Awards, and holding the Indonesian patent expo, according to Antara News.

The series of activities is expected to increase public awareness and understanding of the importance of protecting, managing, and utilizing intellectual property, not only for the benefit of regional progress but also for the welfare of the nation and state.

“Through effective intellectual property protection, it is hoped that a conducive situation will be created for creators and inventors to continue working, which in the end can contribute to and improve the quality of legal and economic development in Indonesia,” she said.

Intellectual property is considered to play an important role in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda, as it is not only related to economic growth but also health, social and cultural welfare, and equality.


Source: Antara News

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