Indonesia’s General Election Commission, or KPU is targeting the national-level election vote count to be completed before March 20, 2024. KPU member August Mellaz said there is a possibility that the process will be completed by Monday, March 18, according to reporting from Tempo and Antara News.

Mellaz said KPU also monitors the process at the sub-district to provincial levels. “But relatively, the processes have reached the final phase,” he said.

Based on the vote count from Saturday, March 9 to Wednesday, March 13, 2024, the KPU has validated presidential election votes in 18-provinces at the national level, namely Yogyakarta, Gorontalo, Central Kalimantan, Bali, Lampung, Bangka Belitung, West Kalimantan, South Sumatra, Central Java, Jakarta, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Riau Islands, East Nusa Tenggara, Banten, North Kalimantan, East Java, and Southeast Sulawesi. This means, 19 out of 38-provinces in Indonesia still need counting, say Tempo.

Following KPU Regulation Number 3 of 2022, the national vote count for the 2024 elections is scheduled from February 15 to March 20, 2024.

The following is the provisional national count of the 2024 presidential election, according to reporting from Tempo:



Anies-Muhaimin: 496,280 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 1,269,265 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 741,220 votes


Anies-Muhaimin: 227,354 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 504,662 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 41,508 votes

Central Kalimantan

Anies-Muhaimin: 256,811 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 1,097,070 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 158,788 votes


Anies-Muhaimin: 791,892 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 3,554,310 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 764,486 votes


Anies-Muhaimin: 99,233 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 1,454,640 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 1,127,134 votes

Bangka Belitung Islands

Anies-Muhaimin: 204,348 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 529,883 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 151,109 votes

West Kalimantan

Anies-Muhaimin: 718,641 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 1,964,183 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 534,450 votes

South Sumatra

Anies-Muhaimin: 997,299 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 3,649,651 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 606,681 votes

Central Java

Anies-Muhaimin: 2,866,373 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 12,096,454 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 7,827,335 votes

East Nusa Tenggara

Anies-Muhaimin: 153,446 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 1,798,753 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 958,505 votes

Riau Islands

Anies-Muhaimin: 370,671 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 641,388 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 140,733 votes

South Kalimantan

Anies-Muhaimin: 849,948 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 1,407,684 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 159,950 votes


Anies-Muhaimin: 2,451,383 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 4,035,052 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 720,275 votes

North Kalimantan

Anies-Muhaimin: 72,065 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 284,209 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 51,451 votes

East Kalimantan

Anies-Muhaimin: 448,046 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 1,542,346 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 240,143 votes


Anies-Muhaimin: 2,653,762 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 2,692,011 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 1,115,139 votes

East Java

Anies-Muhaimin: 4,492,652 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 16,716,603 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 4,434,805 votes

Southeast Sulawesi

Anies-Muhaimin: 361,585 votes

Prabowo-Gibran: 1,113,344 votes

Ganjar-Mahfud: 90,727 votes


Source: Tempo, Antara News

Stock image ANTARA NEWS/ Irfan


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