Antara News is reporting that Indonesia won five medals at the recent 2024 ASEAN Digital Awards (ADA), consisting of two gold, one silver and two bronze for startup initiatives in the Digital Startup and Private Sector categories.

ADA 2024 is a regional competition where product curation or selection by participants is carried out completely online. It was first initiated in 2012 (at that time, it was still called AICTA) in Cebu, Philippines. In 2020, ADA was stopped because of COVID-19, says Antara News, adding that around mid-2023, it was decided that AICTA would be held again with Singapore as the host country or organizer of what is now called the ASEAN Digital Awards (ADA).

The name change recognizes the use of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in ASEAN’s digital economy.

According to Antara News, ADA 2024 is a prestigious awards event given to organizations, businesses, and individuals who have pioneered innovative products or services and made significant contributions to the digital landscape in the Southeast Asia region.

Director of Digital Economy, Directorate General of Informatics Applications, Ministry of Communication and Information, Bonifasius Pudjianto, welcomed the achievements of five Indonesian representatives in the replacement event for the ASEAN ICT Awards.

In a press release issued after the Award Presentation Ceremony at the 4th ADGMIN Gala Dinner at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, on Thursday (1/2/24) evening, Bonifasius said, “they contribute to innovation and implementation in every sector. Therefore, we continue to encourage further startup development programs as well as digital downstreaming in strategic sectors.”

Through the 1,000 Digital Startup Program, the Ministry of Communication and Information facilitates the development of digital-based entrepreneurs. In ADA 2024, the Ministry of Communication and Information facilitates the best information and communication technology (ICT) works from Indonesia, according to Antara News.

“Kominfo facilitated five finalist teams representing Indonesia to make offline presentations in front of the thirteen ADA 2024 Final Judges, consisting of ten judges from each ASEAN member country and three invited judges from China, Japan and Korea,” he said.

According to Bonifasius, five teams managed to qualify to become ADA 2024 finalists, saying that they were “Crustea and Artopologi for the Digital Startup category as well as Shieldtag and Incrane for the Private Sector category.”

Antara News says that awards were given in six categories: Public Sector, Private Sector, Digital Content, Digital Startup, Digital Innovation and Digital Inclusivity. Team Crustea and Team Shieldtag captured the Gold, while Artopologi won Silver and Jaramba and Incrane won Bronze this year.

CEO and Founder of Crustea Roikhanatun Nafi’ah, said he was proud and grateful for the invitation from the Ministry of Communication and Information to take part in ADA 2024.

“We are happy because previously we did not expect to win first place because we are also a new startup, less than two years old. This is motivation in itself to continue to grow the startup. “We are trusted, and of course we can provide benefits to farmers or whatever sector,” he said.


Source: Antara News

Stock photo by phyo min on Unsplash

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