Antara News is reporting that Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, has praised the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) rebranding as UN Tourism, highlighting its alignment with Indonesia’s own tourism development approach.

“This aligns with Indonesia’s tourism development strategies focused on ‘people and planet’, emphasizing sustainability, productivity, and inclusivity,” Sandiaga said in a statement on Sunday (4/2/24.)

The ministry’s Deputy of Resources and Institutional Affairs, Martini M Paham, further explained that the rebranding underscores UN Tourism’s role as the UN specialized agency for global tourism, adding that “the rebranding also emphasized UN Tourism as the global leader in tourism development and pushed for social and economic changes to ensure that ‘people and planet’ will be prioritized.”

She added that the ministry will instruct relevant stakeholders to adjust the branding of all activities and programs related to UN Tourism.

Antara News reports that the rebranding includes a new tagline, “Bringing the World Closer,” reflected in the new logo, which features five continents forming a human figure in action.

These changes reflect the agency’s stance on the dynamic aspect of tourism and the priority given to human resources.

The transition will occur gradually over the next few months. The new logo will first appear on digital channels like websites, social media, and newsletters, followed by implementation across physical spaces like offices and events, says Antara News.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, UN Tourism has 160-member states and hundreds of private sector partners. It has regional offices in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Nara (Japan, covering Asia-Pacific), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, covering the Americas), and Morocco (opening soon for Africa).

Source: Antara News

Stock photo by arty on Unsplash

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