As President Jokowi’s final term in office draws to a close, Wahyu Utomo, Deputy VI of the Coordinating Ministry for Regional Development and Spatial Planning, said at his office in Central Jakarta on Wednesday (7/2/24,) that 190-National Strategic Projects (PSN) had been completed between 2016 and December 2023, with a total project value of IDR 1,515.4-trillion, according to reporting from Tempo.

In 2023 alone, 37-projects were completed, surpassing last year’s target. He added that there are also 30-projects and nine programs worth IDR 788.5-trillion that are partially operational and 50-projects under construction worth IDR 828-trillion.

“All of these have a multiplier effect in terms of employment and economic growth in the region,” Wahyu said.

According to Wahyu, Tempo says that Indonesia’s strategic projects until 2023 are significant as they were President Jokowi’s priority program to boost the economy.

Wahyu said that Indonesia’s infrastructure score is only about 45-percent, whereas the average infrastructure score of developed countries is 70-percent, as per various international studies. “That’s why we aim to continue pushing for infrastructure projects. So that by 2045, when we achieve Golden Indonesia, our infrastructure score will be 70-percent,” according to Tempo.


Source: Tempo

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