Indonesia’s Minister of Public Works and Public Housing, Basuki Hadimuljono, met with Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Wille Rydman, along with representatives from 19-Finnish companies in Jakarta to discuss potential cooperation with Finland for the development of a smart city in Nusantara Capital City (IKN,) according to reporting from Antara News.

Hadimuljono stated that, among other things, they discussed the utilization of renewable technology and energy to realize IKN’s mission as a smart forest city.

“To realize a smart forest city, we are developing a system that operates all infrastructure in IKN in one command center for integrated and optimized service. We hope Finland would help us develop this system,” the minister stated in Jakarta on Tuesday (30/1/24.)

Minister Hadimuljono expressed hope that Finland would send its experts to monitor IKN’s construction process, saying that “currently, we have curators and several other experts who monitor and evaluate all infrastructure construction processes in IKN. We hope Finland will also send at least one expert.”

Meanwhile, Minister Rydman said that a total of 50-leading companies in Finland see huge potential in the construction of IKN and are interested in cooperating with Indonesia to develop a smart city in IKN, say Antara News.

“As one of the most digitalized countries, we are sure Finland has the needed expertise to construct a smart city (in IKN). Therefore, all members of Team Finland are fully committed and willing to cooperate with Indonesia in the construction of the IKN smart city,” the minister said.

According to Presidential Regulation Number 63 of 2022 on the Details of the Master Plan for the National Capital Nusantara, IKN is constructed as a capital city with main characteristics, namely a smart, green, and sustainable city that manages its resources efficiently, disseminates information accurately and openly, and provides great service to its citizens, according to Antara News.


Source: Antara News

Stock image by jorono from Pixabay

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