Indonesia is the first country in Southeast Asia to implement the Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) system for barrier-free toll payments based on global navigation satellite systems (GNSS.) The system will be tested on the Mandara Bali Toll Road in December 2023, according to reporting from Antara News.

Director of PT Roatex Indonesia Toll System (RITS), Gyula Orosz, made the announcement in Jakarta on Tuesday (5/12/23.)

Orosz said that the implementation of MLFF is an important step for Indonesia in modernizing its transportation network with the help of reliable high-technology and providing standards for other countries to revolutionize their toll systems.

MLFF technology is touted to revolutionize travel via toll roads, making it smoother and more efficient, bringing Indonesia into the era of Toll Roads Technology 4.0, say Antara News.

A delegation from the Malaysian Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Association visited PT Roatex Indonesia Toll System in Jakarta to study the implementation of GNSS in Indonesia.

The delegation’s visit was organized as part of an effort to learn how the MLFF system can be implemented in Indonesia. During the visit, the delegates also went to the MLFF Control Center, which is tasked with monitoring the flow of vehicles on toll roads and ensuring payment transactions are made using GNSS-based technology, report Antara News.

“This visit is an important moment, as recognition of Indonesia’s excellence in the field of transportation, which is able to provide solutions to common problems faced, such as congestion at toll gates when making payments, thereby creating travel time efficiency,” Orosz informed.

During their visit to the MLFF Control Center, the Malaysian delegates held discussions as well as a question and answer session with PT RITS regarding the technology base, equipment, and ways to implement it in Indonesia.

“We hope that ITS Malaysia can obtain information and learning about GNSS-based MLFF technology and that it can be useful for the development of the transportation system in Malaysia,” Orosz said.

Source: Antara News

Stock photo by Hafizh Maryansyah on Unsplash

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