Foreign citizens of Indonesian descent are now eligible to acquire a stay permit valid for up to 10-years through the newly introduced “diaspora visa,” according to reporting from Jakarta Globe.

“The diaspora visa streamlines the process for a stay permit without requiring a guarantor,” Immigration Director General Silmy Karim told Antara News agency.

“This visa offers Indonesian diaspora members an extended stay, allowing them to significantly contribute to our nation. It aims to create a sense of belonging during their visit.”

Karim noted that several other countries have implemented similar policies, providing their diaspora communities with longer stay options and property ownership rights, report Jakarta Globe.

“Our diaspora, residing in 18-different countries, holds immense potential to contribute to our nation,” Silmy said.

Jakarta Globe say that estimates suggest that approximately 6-million individuals of Indonesian origin currently reside in various foreign countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Suriname, and the United States.

Source: Jakarta Globe

Stock photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

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