With a wealth of fascinating destinations around the world, enjoying a vacation in paradise is indeed a dream come true. So create your travel bucket list now, book your flight and pack up your bags for the most memorable holiday vacation to cherish for a lifetime. If you’re having a difficult time choosing the best places to spend a quality vacation, here are the places in the world perfect for a tourist vacation in paradise.

1. Cayman Islands

Do you want to experience a Caribbean style vacation? Then, you must head up to the Cayman Islands where exciting and satisfying activities will definitely complete your holidays. From crystal clear beaches, thrilling diving, snorkeling and water sports to refined and chic restaurants and food stops, the island is full of majestic wonders of nature. If you’re looking for a stress-free travel adventure, the Cayman Islands are the ideal place for you to wander around. To gain more information on the best things to do in Cayman, here’s an online guide to help you.

2. Kauai, Hawaii

Considered as one of the rainiest places in the world, Kauai, Hawaii allows you to experience a tropical paradise with hiking, swimming, biking, and diving as its primary activities. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this place should be on your top list.

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Spending a vacation in Bora Bora is always a fabulous experience. Being an island which is once a volcano, this place is famous for its clear blue water and reefs that form part of its protected sanctuary that you’ll surely love if you visit the attraction.

4. Santorini, Greece

If you want something fantastic, you must visit Santorini, Greece for its beautiful beaches and historical whitewashed homes. Few days of exploring this place will not be enough to satisfy yourself with its unquestionable magnificence. From its picturesque beaches to archeological amusements, this attraction is ideal for a relaxing trip.

5. Bali, Indonesia

This paradise is synonymous with “heaven.” Bali is famous for its incredible landscapes. It also offers oceanfront resorts perfect for spa treatments and sunbathing. If you love walking around, you’ll see the island’s temples and enjoyable late-night pleasures which you can experience. All in all, this place has everything you need, so get up now, book your ticket and get ready for a remarkable holiday in paradise.

6. Phuket

Thailand’s one of the best, Phuket has everything. From white sands, clear blue water, and marble cliff, this place is considered a little piece of paradise. Going there is relatively cheap from its accommodations and spa treatments to boat tours. Furthermore, you shouldn’t leave this travel destination without having a good taste of their flavorful cuisine.

7. St. Lucia

If you want a special type of Caribbean vacation, St. Lucia is one of the best beach honeymoon destinations. Lush and unspoiled, this paradise’s beaches are suitable for unwinding. Moreover, climbing the Pitons and zip lining through the region’s rainforest are some of the island’s marvelous charms. To make the most out of your travel there, you’ll need to visit it for yourself.

8. Tahiti

Looking forward to a honeymoon vacation in paradise? Tahiti has all that it takes to be a best honeymoon travel destination. From a vast number of resorts and lavish jungles to delicious French cuisine, this place is worthy of time, money and effort. Furthermore, spending quality time on Tahiti is one of a kind.

9. Costa Rica

Do you like an adventurous vacation in paradise? Then, Costa Rica has all the charms you want to see for your holiday. Apart from interesting beaches and precious rainforests, this place is top-notch for its wildlife abundance. From monkeys to jaguars, you can see them roaming around. There’s more to this attraction! Hiking active volcanoes and going on a zip line are two of the best things to do in this “Rich Coast.”

10. Park City

Do you love skiing and snowboarding? If you do, then you must reserve your winter holiday vacation in Park City. This place remains to be an attraction to a wide range of tourists during the winter season. At some point, don’t forget to enjoy the city’s wonders particularly the ski scene. You can even try the activity by yourself.

There’s no doubt; the world has the most beautiful places to discover. From spectacular mountain hiking, turquoise beaches, tasty food cuisines and other adventurous activities, you’ll surely have a great vacation in paradise waiting ahead of you. Together with millions of people across the world, we hope that the information written in this article has cleared your mind of the best places you should include on your travel bucket list.

About the author:

George was born in the Cayman Islands, and has a passion for writing about the best things to do in the Cayman Islands as an online guide. He travels a lot, and blogs to his audience about his journeys.

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