So you’ve decided to move to Bali as an ex-pat. Congratulations! You’ll be one of the many who will be able to experience and cherish the amazing and lively culture in Bali, as well as enjoy its many offerings to you. Life in Bali is very different compared to staying there as a tourist. And this is especially considering how community-centric and friendly everyone seems. However, don’t let these comforts make you careless with your preparations. If you want to fully enjoy the ex-pat life in Bali, here are some things you should consider:

Fix your accommodations before you leave your country, and before arriving in Bali

When we say “essentials,” we don’t just mean your clothes. Before moving to Bali, remember to get the necessary documents to set up a home in the city – complete with utilities, permits, and licenses if you want to set up a business. When getting a new place, always remember to take a tour first to see if it’s the place you want to stay in. As much as possible, get a place inside or near a busy or touristy area like Kuta, Bali. This makes it easy for you to access relevant commercial establishments like convenience stores, groceries, and even cafes.

Get a hold of your documents before you travel

When you move to another country, always remember that you’re moving everything about you to that new destination. This means you should always look for a way to legitimize your stay in your country. You should bring your certificate and Visa, your birth certificate, IDs, and an assortment of other essentials to Bali before you stay there for the long term. Likewise, remember to prioritize making your status as an immigrant legal before you stay for long in your country. This means clarifying the steps needed to become a citizen, and organizing relevant appointments.

Organize your finances before moving

When you decide to move to Bali, you’ll most likely have to organize your finances as well. Before you move, make sure you close all unnecessary bank accounts and settle all financial matters (such as taxes) prior to the move. After you’ve moved to Bali, try to find a reliable bank should you need one, and get familiar with Indonesia’s taxation system. You can seek help from a local tax advisor to get to know your liabilities as an ex-pat, as there’s a special self-assessment method for paying taxes in Indonesia specifically for expatriate workers.

Assess things you previously own and give away or sell things you don’t necessarily need

If you’re completely decided on moving to Bali, you should probably consider checking the things you already own. You can make an inventory and check which items you own do you want to give away, sell, or bring with you. This not only radically decreases things you’ll bring to Bali, but you can earn money on the side, too. You should settle this prior to your move, so you can still ask moving companies Manhattan, NY to move them around to people you’ll be giving away your things to.

Start small, and don’t overwhelm yourself with your belongings

When you’re decided to move to Bali, don’t bring everything with you. Remember, the more things you bring, the more likely you’ll have to spend on a bigger space – which might be impractical for your financial situation. Start with a small accommodation first, and then build your way up to what you believe can be a comfortable life in the long run. This also makes it easier for you to adjust to your new life, as you’ll be building your home according to your experiences and what works out the best for you.

Consolidate a schedule that settles your basic needs during your first year

When you move to Bali, don’t move in a rush. Try to make yourself a 1-month, 3-month, or even a year-long plan as to what you should be doing once you get there. Planning with this perspective in mind allows you to take into account both settling in and ensuring you meet your day-to-day needs. Do you need to get a job in as early as a month, or can it wait for three (3) months? Do you want a “vacation” that lasts for a few months before “settling” to the real-life? Knowing these can make your initial stay in Bali well-coordinated and can remove a lot of stress on your part.

Ask someone from home to handle other aspects of your logistics

If you still have things you want to be sent from your New York home, you can ask your Manhattan movers NYC to send those over to a relative or friend that can ship these to Bali. Take note of special shipping considerations, especially for large objects like furniture, or if you’re shipping in bulk like clothes. Having someone helping you from your home country can ease a lot of pressure on your end, especially when it comes to things you’ve left behind.

Enjoy the process, and don’t rush your moving logistics

When you start your move to another country, don’t rush the moving process. Instead of pressuring yourself into adjusting to life in Bali as soon as you get to your new home, take your time to get to know the locale. Take a few months to get yourself immersed in the culture, the language, and the way things work in your new country. This is especially important if you’re hiring moving companies to help you get new stuff for your home.

Move to Bali: Make Your Move Perfect With Planning

Moving to another country like Bali as an ex-pat can be an amazing feeling. After all, this is going to be a new adventure for you and possibly even your own family. You’ll not only get to appreciate the lively and amazing culture in Bali, but you’ll get to live a comfortable life there as well. However, before we get to the “comfort” aspect of the ex-pat life, always remember to have a plan and research Bali well before you move, so you won’t be too overwhelmed with being on your own as an ex-pat. Good luck!

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