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Hi..........I have a family member who is intending to marry an Indonesian Citizen around the end of next year and wishes to convert to Hindu as part of that process. I have looked extensively online but can't find anything really specific about the process. Can any member of this group maybe help out with a link to a website or any recommendation as to how I might find out what it involved in the process ?
I used to sell them gemstones for silver settings- get in touch if you want to create your own line . I have the stones and a small workshop
I just moved from Italy to Bali (Jimbaran) a month ago with my husband and my son (20 mths old). I am looking for a part time nanny to work mainly on the weekends (full days) and occasionally in the evening on weekdays. Can anyone recommend someone to me? Preferably (female) , speaks (English), young, energetic, kind, honest and fun.

Kind Regards
Hi, just a few questions.
I cant find anything about the percentage of population that have been double vaxxed in Bali, can anyone please help me out?
Just wondering what the masks rules are please? Do I have to wear it whilst on the beach or walking down the street?
What's the main street in Sanur like, Ie, are there many local shops open?
Many thanks.
Good afternoon JackStraw. Had just started to write and inadvertently it seems the intro was posted. Sorry about that. We still have a year and a half to go on our present house lease so no urgency and the overall climate may change. However, if you wouldn't mind I would be interested to have some idea as to what kind of rental you are paying, the nature of the house and it's location.
If you're interested and want some detailed info a small group of expats play pool at Crazy Kangaroo in Candi Dasa on Wednesdays @ 3ish every week. You must have a robust sense of humor and a well functioning liver to join in. Founding members Mark (USA/UK) and Graham (Ozzie pervert with young Indo girlfriend).
I'm coming back to Bali after a 3 year stint in Central Asia. I want to see what changes, if any have occurred,. If not, I''m back to Tashkent!
hi friends I would like to be able to work as a psychotherapist in Bali mainly for expats. Seems like the retirement visa, doesn't allow work of any kind.Does anyone know if I could come in and out of the country from Aus and legally earn money in Bali with a biz registered in Aus, and tax paid in Aus rather than Bali and at the same time lease (rather than own) a villa?
Thank you for adding me to your forum! Looking forward to all the information available about living in Bali.
Hi all... My wife and I just moved to Bali 6 months ago and now living in East Denpasar. Both in our mid 60's and hail from Gold Coast and Melbourne, Australia.
I am very keen to find someone/group etc for the likes of tennis, squash or badminton as I use to play sports for many years. I have found it difficult to find those activities here, so anyone interested in a hit, then please let me know.
As I said on the forum all those that haven't had the balls to do it or did something stupid will BS the idea but I've lived here for 10 years and had a wonderful experience of owning and renting villas. Please see my place that I'm just putting up for sale to move to something smaller - we all get older, well those that don't drop dead first.
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My brothers friend is in real-estate in Bali.. there does seem to be a little negitivity around this subject. So far I believe that unless I'm balienese I can only purchase leasehold not freehold? Lots of reading to do I think. thanks for this
Thousands have bought the nominee "borrow a local" system and have had no problems. For instance I'm selling my place freehold AND leasehold - how does that work? I'm offering the full 2 x 25 + 30 year leases upfront with the option to complete as freehold should legislation change at the same price! I.e buy now leasehold for 6.5 billion and/or freehold for the same price. Best of both worlds.