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Feb 18, 2019
Hi everyone,

Thanks for welcoming me into the group!

I am a machinist based in New Zealand launching a womens clothing label around September. I have reached out to numerous garment manufacturers in Bali and unfortunately had no response at this stage so thought I would ask on here!

I am looking for anyone that has any information or connection to any factories. I am only looking to do small production runs i.e. 20 per style and I only have 14 styles. Currently I have all my tech packs and am at the sampling stage of the production.

If anyone has any information or advice it would be extremely helpful.

Thank you.


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May 5, 2016
Good evening Hannah,

If you find this process rather more difficult than you supposed you might like to consider using my Indonesian wife as an agent. She had experience buying for our retail shop in Townsville ( I am now retired) and she has recently acted for a Perth based woman finding a top quality supplier of fine silver jewellery. The client was delighted not only with my wife's assistance but with her good appreciation of items that would appeal to the Australian customers. Moreover she also enabled economic means of travelling here in Bali for the client; a process that could be costly for someone inexperienced in local systems.

As a result of my wife's experience she has a good understanding of the processes involved in exporting goods and is an excellent negotiator. If this suggestions is of interest I am sure we could offer the present client as a reference.


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Mar 10, 2019
Hi, did you find any help?
Im also from NZ and working on some clothing, I have tried 3 different factories..
I wonder if I can help work with you somehow? I am from the clothing industry also and had a wee workroom at home (Christchurch) before I came to Bali 8 months ago to live. we are in Umalas which is near the factory in Kerobokan.