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Oct 19, 2016

So decided to post something here, to maybe get some info.
As I am (and have been) looking for some.. lets call it easy living.. ways to locate to Bali for a month or two (on and off sorta), I haven't really struck on a good deal yet.
I'll give bit info what I'm interested. First, as I have been traveling in EU for more than 2 years now, I'm looking Bali as a next stop. And possibly for a year or two. As I got clear from another sub, the extendable SosBud visa could help to do it.

Now, I have been doing something called a work exchange or volunteering in the two years of travels in Europe. Basically working some small amount of time on a day for the exchange of place to stay and food. Some places with additional salary or options to make some money as well.
Thought about finding something similar in Bali, but so far this doesn't seem to be a very common way there. Not 100% sure if it would be 'no-working' law abiding. For staying longer period, I don't want to have issues with the immigration kicking me out.
As I have been working in hostels and currently a manager in a guesthouse, I find this type of an work something I like. Specially as a manager, since I can work on my own time and have diverse task to choose from.
In the same time, if I live in Bali, I don't want to get a full time (with kitas) work where I spend my whole day toiling. Or have a similar non-paid work exchange. More in a period of life now where I try to work as little as needed so I can enjoy my free time doing whatever I desire to. (notice here: not a homeless hippie bum type of a person :icon_smile: ). So I'm not quite sure what I should be looking for to find such experience in Bali, OR more, if it's even possible to find something in advance through the web. Are some surf or guest houses looking for a volunteering (lets call it that for the officials) type managers or any foreigners at all? I have experiences from lots of different fields and jobs before, although there are things I like more than others.

Another alternative I have pried my eyes lately are house sitting "jobs", but for Bali there doesn't seem to be much on the web. What I read thou, is that this is more achievable when in Bali, since they seldom get posted online. If I manage to make some money remotely and live rent-free.. might work.

So maybe my question here would be to figure out, from you guys (and ladies) that are already living there, do you know anything about such opportunities and how much is offline and only possible to find once landed.
I don't feel very comfortable thou going to a place without having a place to live (and work) planned out. It's not cheap to locate to the other side of the world with just a hope that something would work out once I land.

Just to mention here, I have seen and contacted some agencies that offer internships at local companies there. I asked one of them about a managerial placement in some hostel and they gave me their service fee list. 450€ for their 'basic' package. Basically it listed placement for that job, skype meeting and a local sim card :icon_e_biggrin: . Thank you very much, but I have two years of experience doing the same thing for less than 10€. I also found web pages that offer volunteering work in Bali, where, you work for them.. maybe like 6 hours a day or so AND then YOU also pay them like 130€/week or something. LOL. If anyone is interested to work for some companies and also pay them! for the work you are doing, let me know, I'll send you a link :icon_lol:

Anyway, I appreciate any helpful info and free to give more info about myself if needed.
Thank you!


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Jan 12, 2009
There are very limited opportunities for this in Bali like you have already mentioned. There are some sites like workaway.info that have some volunteer opportunities in exchange for accommodation. (not legal of course, but I think you realize this) You should look for opportunities online, like teaching English, freelancing writing etc. There is a lot out there to sustain someone for perpetual travel.


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Jan 10, 2009
Hi clm

First very important question: Have you ever been to Bali?
If not, then why Bali?
I don't feel very comfortable thou going to a place without having a place to live (and work) planned out. It's not cheap to locate to the other side of the world with just a hope that something would work out once I land.
Fair enough and that's why I think that Bali's not for you. (I could be wrong.)

Many people seem to have the idea that living in Bali is extremely cheap. Well, it can be if you live like a local. However, as a foreigner you'll be faced with various extra expenses such as visas, visa runs, travel insurance, medical expenses if you get sick/injured, transportation costs, maybe car/bike rental and associated licences/fuel, internet/phone costs, electricity/gas, etc, and whatever "entertainment" you would seek.

Good luck.



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Oct 19, 2016
Thanks for the good luck and replies.
I have not been in Bali before, but in similar places which fit me better than something else. And based on some information personal to me, Bali would be the best fit at the current time. That's why I'm looking to go there. Or put it in another way, there are only one or two other places in the world where I would place myself, and they are harder or close to impossible to make happen at this time.

I also understand that for a foreigner there are extra expenses, like you listed out. Visas, visa runs, scooter rental, fuel, etc..
That is why I'm looking for options to bring my overall costs down, by living/working for the exchange of living space for example. If I'm making extra income through other means (online), then the balances check out. My point for making this thread was to ask, if guys living there, know if such options are a thing in Bali, or maybe there is something else that I have not even thought about.
Like spicyayam mentioned the workaway site, that's what I have been using multiple times before while living and traveling in Europe. And with making additional income with other means, it has sustained my travels for over two years already. At the moment that page doesn't have much ads for Bali that interest me, so I'm looking through other channels as well.
Gathering info about the country and the possibilities is good for getting the picture clearer.
I thank very much for any helpful advice.