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Jul 30, 2005
Alexandra new zealand
Don't you just hate that when at the part when your on the edge of your seat & the story stop's ???

My nice warm fuzzy is last year I decided to go to sponser a child in need so of to the Salvo's .Well there are so many children in need of love & ect ... you no what they need .
It was hard but I decided to only sponcer 1 at a time so I can spoil them like I do my own .
I choise Dewi she is 8 last may so for her big day I sent a percel to my other girl ( she 23 now ) gave her present's .
Made ( the 23 yr old ) took the parcel to her it wasn't much books pencels & a dress from us & a cake from made ,well Dewi cryed , you see she has never had a birthday befor .
It took so little to give so much :D


Oct 14, 2004
Christmas Day 2004 ...cont....
I ran towards the pool area, as I rounded the corner I could see there were 2 girls in the pool, the closest girl was holding her breath ,fully under water and struggling to reach the top for air, I ran past her to reach the other girl at the far end, i could see she was fully underwater motionless, I reached over ,dragging her in over the side, as she hit the side wall she vomited all the water she has swallowed she started to cry and the tears flowed , as I looked back for the other girl I could she had been pulled from the water by the other two guys from the breakfast area, luckily they had followed.
Both girls were in there 20s from Jakarta and were there with there mum and auntie. they couldnt swim and didnt relise the pool was to deep.
They were both ok and wanted to go out to the disco that night.
I couldnt hold my cup of tea back at the breakfast table my hand was till shaking..
Well Id had enough of Kuta so I booked out an hour later and went to Ubud to relax for a few days.
On returning a few day later to the same Hotel the Girls had left me a postcard with a thankyou note.
They even rang from jakarta to thank me again.
It was the Best Christmas day Ive ever had.


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Jul 28, 2005
san francisco bali
Well, today couldn't get much worse starting from leaving late to Denpasar, to finishing dinner with friends/guests and then the car not starting....All the while in the middle things happening like: nefarious boatmen in the next tourist town holding divers "hostage" for more money that they are trying to extort, trying to get a lawyer to sign a receipt for the return of MY papers, and his losing his temper atme in the notary's, and finally, with everything going on, and alternate boats being arranged for these diveguests, people in the shop show me a surat panggilan saying to me oh the olice want to interrogate you!

well, I ask: what is the charge? There are no charges on this paper, and I am busy on the day they want me! But: in reality I know it is my former "loving" family who have not filed official charges against me, because they know I could easily file countercharges of harrassment, yet they are jealous there are diveguests, that they didnt get millions of rupiah from me, and essentially: they are using the police as their horses (no disrespect to horses), but I suppose at a price.

So, what to do? Interrogation they say? This to a former interrogator...and for what? Lawyer? Why? I havent done anything wrong. And my current opinion of lawyers really isnt so great, anyway.

The police have already stated they would like to enter my email, hack it, if you will, if they were smart enough. But it doesnt work like that. And a Friendly said do not do ANYTHING unless you get a Surat TUGAS and this is only a Panggilan...

And all because my former lover has a dutch daughter in law who has a mosquito ridden losmen that seems to nab unsuspecting tourists off the web-3 rooms in all, which she thinks is the Marriott of this dorf. And she thinks that paying the police will solve her problems and of course my former man who seems to be aching ovr the fact that I now witness all his chasing of women and his drinking, when honestly I don't care, nor do I pay much attention....Yeah what else is new.

So, being a former interrogator I shall do what is done: keep them off balance by going in ahead of time, and taking the bull by the horns so to speak.

These good Kapolsek guys have already established I am legal, and all is well, but the good family of M--- just feel that harrassment is the only weapon in business, and thus I am to be interrogated. WOOOOO.

This vignette should really be under the topic News Getting more and more disturbing....Or perhaps I need to start a blog in order to reassure my international friends that I am still alive, and they havent gotten me.


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Mar 27, 2007
Milan wrote:

I lost my virginity in Bali. That's all I can say.

Then it must be a special place for you!

I lost mine in Victoria Park, Canning Hwy (Western Australia); where I was living while attending Canning College.

I think this is a milestone most men in their lives cherrish forever (and most women would rather forget :D)..



Feb 16, 2010
Hey guys. I'm new to the forum and I want to learn more about living in Bali especially the common lifestyle there.
Hope I can gather much information here.

By the way, I don't know where's the newbie section so I opt to post my first here.


Jesse :icon_biggrin:

Jack Rossi

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May 31, 2013
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